7 Ways to Find Peace and Quiet in Our Loud Modern World


Peace and quiet. Does it even exist anymore? It can be hard to find moments of silence in a modern world filled with squealing traffic, growling leaf blowers and never-ending media. But it’s crucial to let your brain rest from onslaught of audio intake. Seek out places to find peace and quiet and treat your mind to the benefits of shhhhhh……

1. On the water. Whether you’re out on the ocean or a lake, sailing away from shore is an ideal destination for a little peace and quiet. Get away from the noise of the beach and treat yourself to the calming, soft sounds of lapping waves and sea breezes.

2. Meditation. When you meditate, you can learn to “turn off” the sounds of the outside world so that you don’t even notice them. Does a meditative frame of mind elude you? Try hypnotherapy. Your therapist will guide you to a relaxed mental state. You’ll get familiar with the feeling – and you can return to it whenever you want to meditate.

3. Your car. When you shift into drive, chances are that your car stereo is on. Listening to music while you drive can be a wonderful thing – but don’t just default to noise without thinking about it. Instead, spend the first five minutes of your drive with the stereo off. And when you listen to music, make it something that you truly love, not just radio DJ blathering.

4. In a book. Find a juicy story that’s a real page-turner, and you will become oblivious to the racket all around you. You’ll be pulled into another world where modern noise does not exist. Try it!

 5. Your phone. All day long, your phone vibrates, rings and jingles. Some of these messages are important, but most are not. Does your phone alert you every time an email comes in, or when you get a Facebook message? Turn off any unnecessary alarms on your phone. Your peace of mind is more important than the latest social media updates from your friends. And during dinner, silence your phone completely. You deserve time in your day away from the needs of other people.

6. Your living room. Do you often turn on the TV for the feeling of companionship, because you are bored, or because you don’t have anything else to do? Watching your favorite show is one thing; using the TV to calm your anxiety is another. Dare yourself to keep the TV off. Sit with your uncomfortable feelings. Recognize the urge to make them go away with a click of the remote control – and then watch the urge pass.

7. Earplugs. Let’s face it: Finding a quiet place isn’t always possible when you’ve got to work, live and sleep in the real world. Invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones, or at the very least purchase some high-quality foam wonders (like Hearos) to keep on hand. Pop them in your ears whenever you need a noise break: on airplanes, in hotels, or in your own bedroom.

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