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Feeling Blocked? Here's How to Clear Your Own Energy For Clarity and Growth

Feeling Blocked? Here's How to Clear Your Own Energy For Clarity and Growth


Are you feeling an onslaught of intense energy lately? With everything happening in the world around us, it's not surprising that we'd feel a bit...yucky.

If everything is energy, including ourselves, then accumulating unprocessed or blocked energy is normal. In fact, it's a part of life.

"We are dynamic beings," Jona Genova, energy healer and meditation teacher, tells Organic Authority. "As our energy responds to and mirrors the molecules around us, we can get a little, or a lot, out of balance."

Problems occur when that blocked energy remains in our bodies and our energy fields without it being regularly cleansed and expelled.

"In working with energy, I've felt that energy can become stagnant or clogged. The how differs, depending on our circumstances but is generally a self-protective mechanism," explains Genova. "Energy work can help us find our alignment. Much like an instrument needs to be tuned, we all need a tune up to counteract the moods, electronics and pollutants our bodies face everyday."

If you're feeling like your energy needs a tune-up, here's what you need to know in order to feel clearer and lighter.

There's No Such Thing as "Bad" or "Good" Energy

Genova advises that, no matter what you're feeling right now, not to label or judge it.

"Remember, energy is neither good or bad," she says. "Energy just is. Labeling it and in treating it as bad or good, will put you in an unrealistic and unhealthy cycle of constantly chasing 'good'. Instead, learn to feel energy in textures and in terms of balance. You'll be healthier and happier for it."

Feel Sensitive? Try a Salt Bath

"Salt baths are a great remedy for sore muscles and are fabulous for our energy body," Genova says. "I find them to be really supportive for healthy boundaries, especially so for empathic types. A weekly bath in Epsom salts will result in naturally being able to distinguish your energy from the energies around you. This is really powerful for anyone, particularly for those who are sensitive, in helping professions, and prone to taking on energy from their environment."

When in Doubt: Use a Crystal

Crystals are trendy for a reason: they work. Genova likes to use a "selenite wand."

She says, "I wave it around my body, TSA style, after every healing and even between tasks as a way to balance my energy. Anyone can do this and it feels really good. Just rely on the selenite to do its thing."

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Crystals not really your thing? Genova suggests finding ways to soften, which helps clear energy, too. "Certain kinds of meditation and energy healing, being in nature and spending quality time with loved ones, can help us."

Adding, "I believe the response to energetic imbalance should always be gentle so as not to create more tightening in the subtle body."

Be Aware of "Cords"

Have you ever felt an energetic pull toward someone? So much so that you're constantly thinking about them while embodying a sense of confusion and uncertainty? If so, then you probably have energetic cords with this person.

"Energetic cords refer to a way in which we can become attached to someone else," says Genova. "Energetic attachments might sound and feel nice until we understand what is really going on. They happen when our energy is weak -- often when we're feeling insecure -- and the energy of the other person is also weak. An unhealthy bond forms when we want something and are not fully self-expressed."

Though you might feel like you have a genuine connection with this person, Genova calls these attachments "a real mind f*ck" and likens them to 'back door' relationships "because they happen when connections are not energetically on the up and up - when we aren't being open, honest and fair to ourselves or the other person."

She adds, "In healthy connections, no cord is necessary. We are in loving connection, giving and receiving in healthy ways."

Genova recommends that if you feel a cord to seek the assistance of a professional healer who focuses on removing attachments.

The Takeaway

When asked how often or how important it is to cleanse one's energy, Genova says, "I've read that our energy bodies extend 33 feet beyond our skin. Think about that. It means that we're overlapping other people throughout our days. We're all moving through this world with different levels of porosity. Some of us are really open to energy. Others, not as much but we are all somewhat permeable."

Meaning cleansing our energy should be apart of our self-care routine as regularly as brushing our teeth. However, Genova says, like anything, it's important to keep it in balance. 

"Reframe your perception of energy to be about balance rather than good or bad," she says. Some people might disagree with me on this and at first, I was resistant to the idea too. Thankfully, my intuitive development mentor, Laura Day, repeated this to me until I really got it on an inner knowing level. It's an empowering shift because when we realize there is no good or bad energy, we are no longer afraid and our divinity can guide us. Light overpowers dark. Always."

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