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Hilaria Baldwin Shares Her Post-Miscarriage Workout Routine

It's all about being "super gentle."

Hilaria Baldwin recently shared with her Instagram followers that she's slowly easing back into her workout routine following a miscarriage. 

The yoga instructor, and wife to Alec Baldwin, is famous for showcasing her relatable, quick-and-easy workout routines on the social media platform. Proving that her body's health remains one of her top priorities, the fitness guru posted a video earlier this week sharing a gentle stretch routine that’s helping her recovery post-miscarriage.

"I’m being super gentle with my body right now, considering what it has just been through,” Baldwin captioned the video. “But I start getting stiff and uncomfortable due to lack of my typical movement. Here are some light stretches I turned to today that have helped me, while sticking with my recovery. They feel good and I think you may like them too.”

The stretches Baldwin performs are an array of gentle yoga poses (think downward dog and a prayer hand squat) that help gently open up stiff areas of the body while also creating movement. 

So how long should you wait after miscarrying before getting back into an exercise routine?

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Everyone's Different 

Just how every woman's body is different, so is everyone's experience with miscarrying. 

Of course, it's all dependent on how you physically feel, as well as your doctor's recommendation. According to the American Pregnancy Association, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more to recover physically from a miscarriage. Your recovery will depend on how far along you were into the pregnancy, and if you are experiencing any physical side effects, including bleeding and spotting, abdominal pain, and breast discomfort. 

Easing Back Into It

Just like Baldwin, your best bet is to ease back slowly into your exercise routine. The American Pregnancy Association suggests returning to your normal activities as soon as you feel up to it but advises to visit your doctor first before trying more vigorous physical activity. 

It also recommends listening to your body and being aware of the signals that says you might need to reduce your activity for a few days until you feel better. Take a moment to really check in with how you're feeling and how your body is responding to movement. While exercise can be an amazing method of reducing stress and anxiety, there's no need to rush back into an intense workout session, like HIIT, for example. 

Remember, less is more at this time, which is why doing a simple, easy stretching routine like Baldwin's might be a great option for many. 

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