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Proponents of plant-based diets often have their protein intake judged by outsiders who claim the vegan diet can’t provide nearly enough protein to sustain a healthy lifestyle. But it turns out that protein is not really the concern.

Most experts, including Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich, authors of Clean Protein, agree that if you're eating enough calories, you're getting enough protein. That said, there is one nutrient most Americans aren't getting nearly enough of: dietary fiber.

There are three macronutrients, all of which you’ve certainly heard: lipids (fat), carbohydrates, and protein. These nutrients make up the bulk of our diets and provide our bodies with energy.

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While carbohydrates have been vilified (and even highlighted by the team over at Lifehacker1 as "technically the only macronutrient your body can survive without,") dietary fiber is actually a subset of carbohydrates and is very necessary for health.


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