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Suzanne Somers' on Secrets to Staying Beautiful and the Launch of Her New Certified ToxicFree® Skincare Line

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Suzanne Somers' Secrets to Staying Beautiful and Toxin Free (Interview)

When looking for fabulous skincare or healthful lifestyle tips, it always feels more authentic coming from someone walking the talk, no? That’s why any advice from Suzanne Somers feels like the real deal.

Suzanne Somers has been an outspoken advocate for women’s health for years (herself, a breast cancer survivor) and has written a total of 14 books on subjects like menopause and toxic overload. The fact that she continues to be so vibrant and gorgeous is testament to her lifestyle. Suzanne now has her own toxin-free skincare line and I was lucky enough to get to sample a couple of products.

Suzanne Organics are Certified ToxicFree®. We know that organic ingredients are healthier than conventionally produced ingredients. But not all natural products contain 100 percent organic ingredients. Then what? Toxin-free is about as close as we come to declaring a product safe at first glance.

Now back to those skincare products. Suzanne Organics line is fairly extensive, with items from makeup and skincare to body and hair care, and even specialty products to treat specific skin issues. I chose to sample the Liquid Oxygen Therapy, because oxygen in anti-aging skincare is said to heal, clear, and brighten the complexion. I also opted for the Aqua Peptide Firming Eye Gel because, well, aren’t we all always trying to improve dark circles and crows feet?

I was overall pleased with both products. Sometimes products made to target issues of aging can be too much for my sensitive skin, but there was no redness, irritation, or signs of anything other than skin happiness with either of them. Both are a gel-like consistency which seems to help with plumping and tightening of the skin. I’d buy both products again and can’t wait to try more items from the line.

So, you are probably anxious to hear what Suzanne has to say about her skincare line and any other juicy, healthy woman advice she has to offer. Well, let’s get to it.

Liz Thompson: You have been advocating for women’s health for a long time now. What first drew your attention to the health issues linked to cosmetics and skincare?

Suzanne Somers: When I got cancer I really started taking my health seriously. I took a hard look at what I had done to play host to this disease – so even though I always thought I had eaten healthy food, I looked at my diet in a completely new light to try and remove all toxins. I went completely organic and that was a big step in the right direction. But then I realized I was still using chemicals and toxins in my beauty products … and the skin, which is permeable and porous, is the largest organ of the body. So here I was, vigilant about removing toxins from my diet, but I was still absorbing PEGs, parabens, lead, and chemical emulsifiers through my cosmetics! That’s when I knew I needed to find products that were free of chemicals, but still gave me the results I wanted in high-end cosmetics.

LT: Your products are not “certified organic” or “natural” but “toxic-free.” Please share with us what that means.

SS: Certified ToxicFree means it’s more than natural or organic … it guarantees the ingredients are completely free from harmful chemicals, contain only ingredients that are 100% natural and come from the earth, and are sustainable and safe for the environment.

LT: Many of your products address anti-aging issues. Do organic ingredients best support women’s skin as we age?

SS: I believe in organic, chemical-free products, but I am also vain! I want to look good. And I know if I am using a product that is organic, but not providing anti-aging benefits, I will likely be tempted to dip back into those chemical products to get the look I want. What I love about SUZANNE Organics is that you get both! My formulator searches the globe for anti-aging actives from nature that turn back the clock, without [synthetic] chemicals. It’s like superfood for your skin! And the difference is that my skin and hair are now truly hydrated. There are no chemicals to strip the skin or plastics in my makeup, or chemical sudsing agents in my hair care – the ingredients add moisture back to aging skin, add nutrition to damaged hair, add targeted anti-wrinkle ingredients in much higher doses than you will find in the most expensive department store brands.

There are so many steps in manufacturing cosmetics. In some products, an ingredient may be grown organically, but then extracted with a chemical solvent. It could still be called “organic” but it would not be considered Certified ToxicFree. This certification guarantees the products are grown, extracted, and manufactured without chemicals. I am very proud my products can pass these stringent guidelines.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Suzanne Somers Aqua Peptide Firming Eye Gel

LT: From your line, which are your hero products?

SS: One of my newest items is called Firming Eye Gel and it’s a fabulous product with tightening peptides that act like a crystal cobweb of proteins to support the structure of the skin. You just swoop a tiny bit under your eyes up past the temple and it will give immediate tightening benefits in addition to long-term improvement of those fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Suzanne Organics Liquid Oxygen Therapy

For the face, one of my most popular serums is the Liquid Oxygen Therapy. You put this on after cleansing and before your moisturizers and your skin will just drink it in! It’s very, very light – literally oxygen suspended in liquid to provide that breath of life to your skin. I was at my facialist and had a very expensive liquid oxygen facial and loved the anti-aging results. That’s when I went home and called my formulator and we developed this so you can give your skin those benefits everyday – for a fraction of the cost.

I also believe in sunscreen to protect the skin – but not synthetic sunscreens that penetrate into the blood stream. Think about the fact that they tell you not to use chemical sunscreens on babies under six months, but after that it’s okay? I developed a zinc oxide based sunscreen; the mineral sits on the surface of the skin and reflects harmful UV rays. And because zinc oxide can be very white, we added some of my beautiful mineral-based foundation so you get great coverage and sunscreen all in one. I use it on my hands, too, to avoid getting those sunspots on your hands.

Suzanne Sommers True Brazilian Activating Serum and Finishing Gloss

For the hair, True Brazilian Activating Serum and Finishing Gloss is a two-step anti-frizz and repair system that has women clamoring for more! The True Brazilian Activating Serum is a styling product that goes on after you wash your hair. It coats the hair with natural botanical actives, like Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Abyssinian Seed Oil to lock in moisture, repair damaged ends, and smooth the cuticle. Then you blow dry and flat iron (try the True Brazilian Oscillating Flat Iron for best results!) and your hair will be so smooth and sexy – it’s transformational! I have women with every hair type telling me their hair has never looked so good. Then you add just a touch of the True Brazilian Finishing Gloss, with Cupuacu from the rainforest, plus Argan Oil and Tamanu Oil to lock in the frizz protection and add amazing high shine. This really gives you salon results at home – and no chemicals. It restores your hair and makes it sexy and smooth.

LT: You look fantastic, as always. Can you share with us a tip (or two) aside from skincare that keeps you so gorgeous and youthful?

SS: For me it’s organic gardening. I love the whole ritual – I walk to the garden, marvel at the growth from whatever we’ve been planting, pick our lunch or dinner, then cook a simple great nutritious meal. As I wrote about in my book, "TOX-SICK", removing as many toxins from our lives as possible is the key to health and thriving in today’s world. With organic food from my garden I'm able to make delectable dishes which puts a big smile on my husband’s face, which puts a big smile on my face… and this kind of mutual attention leads to romance, which keeps us both smiling and healthy!

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Images courtesy Suzanne Somers

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