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This Silicone Toothbrush Will Change the Way You Brush for Good

This Silicone Toothbrush is a Game Changer


Some of us are cursed with weak enamel, and I’m certainly one of them. No matter how diligently I brush my teeth, I have accepted that a trip to the dentist is likely to reveal yet another little hole I need to get patched up. The gums situation isn’t much different. Sensitive and prone to bleeding, I’ve relied on gentle natural toothpaste and a light hand when brushing to keep them in check.

While I hate the idea of throwing out a toothbrush every six months (the bamboo ones may not even last as long), electric toothbrushes have always proved too aggressive, and the replaceable heads are just as bad when it comes to recyclability factor. Luckily, it turns out the Swede’s have my back with their world renowned flair for design.

Founded back only in 2013 in Stockholm, Foreo has since taken the health and beauty world by storm with its unique use of technology. I’ve been a huge fan of LUNA, its flagship silicone facial cleansing device, for a couple of years now and can’t go a day without using it, so it seemed only natural to take the equally as chic ISSA toothbrush for a spin.

Why Silicone is the Way to Go

I didn’t need much convincing to take the plunge thanks to my previous experience with Foreo, but the clinical trials shape up well and made me even more eager to try it. Everyone within a four-week trial felt their gums were healthier after brushing, that their teeth looked whiter and brighter, and felt fresh after cleaning. Definitely promising results.

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From the Organic Authority Files

On first try, the ISSA takes some getting used to. With the only bristles being made of silicone, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever used before. One feature I loved straight away was the fact you could alter the intensity of the sonic pulse vibrations (which can go up to eleven thousand high-intensity pulsations per minute) between eight different levels. It’s really the vibrations that do most of the legwork when it comes to removing plaque (and dislodging that basil stuck in your teeth from that pizza you had for lunch), so I kept mine on the strongest setting. It is, however, a fantastic option for the most sensitive types who need to notch the power down.

Another benefit of the silicone besides its gentle nature is that it’s far easier to keep clean compared to traditional nylon bristles, so there’s never any leftover food or toothpaste stuck in it. In fact, Foreo’s studies have shown that the ISSA holds up to ten thousand times fewer bacteria than toothbrushes with nylon bristles. If over time anything does begin to coat the silicone, then a simple wash of castile soap and water will make it as good as new.


After two weeks of using ISSA daily, the biggest difference I saw was in my gums. They had stopped bleeding complete (almost as soon as I had switched) while looking calm and healthy. There was one drawback though. My teeth just weren't feeling, or even looking as clean. I have a very compact set of gnashers, with no space between and even some teeth overlapping, so I found that the ISSA's silicone bristles just weren't getting into the nooks and crannies as much as I needed.


I'm guessing that a few other people have had similar problems, because Foreo already had the answer with the ISSA Hybrid. Since changing my head to this a few weeks ago, I haven't looked back. The combination of silicone paired with super durable PBT polymer bristles has meant I get the best of both worlds, and my mouth couldn't be happier for it. Now to book that next trip to the dentist, right?

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