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Here's Why TRX Training is So Effective at Strengthening Core Muscles

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TRX, a new form of working out and training, is starting to rise in popularity--and for good reason. Basically a form of suspension training, TRX training, which is a set of straps hooked to a ceiling, wall or door, develops balance, strength, flexibility ,and core stability simultaneously. Not only do you get a balanced, full body workout with the TRX, but it builds a rock solid core. Here's why:

1. You have to brace your abs

Anytime you perform an exercise on the TRX, you are engaging at least some part of the core, be it the abs, lower-back and/or obliques. This is because you have to stabilize the core in order to leverage your own body weight as resistance, which is what creates the challenge of training with a TRX suspension trainer.

2. Functional fitness

The TRX exercises offered on the TRX training site and through qualified professionals utilize functional movements that help you become more efficient and stable in everyday movements like reaching, twist and lifting heavy objects. You use your core to a certain degree with almost every type of functional movement, so training with TRX helps to bring more stability and awareness to how your core works to provide you with various movements on a daily basis.

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3. Improved posture 

A strong and properly developed core automatically improves posture. To correctly perform TRX exercise, you have to align your body, which causes you to engage your core in a way that stacks all the joints in your body and helps you stand taller and straighter after training.

4. It's safe and easy to transport 

Because you are not using free weights, and just the resistance of your own body weight, it's very difficult to injure yourself when correctly using the TRX. The TRX is also super lightweight and easy to set up in your home, outside on a tree, etc. This makes the possibility of training on the TRX much more accessible, allowing you to work on strengthening and stabilizing that core without any excuses!

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