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Sophie Uliano's 'Gorgeous for Good' Weekend Wellness Retreat is Coming in June

Why We Can't Wait to Attend Sophie Uliano's Gorgeous for Good Weekend Wellness Retreat in June

Image via Instagram/Sophie Uliano

Would you love to discover how to balance your hormones or transition to a plant-based diet from one of the best wellness experts in the industry? Then you'll want to attend the Gorgeous for Good Weekend Wellness Retreat hosted by New York Times bestselling author and holistic guru Sophie Uliano.

The wellness expert, who counts Julia Roberts as a fan, has crafted two days from June 9 to June 10 at the Line Hotel in L.A. where guests will be treated to immersive wellness workshops and presentations, restorative yoga sessions, lunch and snacks catered by The Line and Roy Choi.

"My number one goal for this event is that women leave The Line feeling not only pampered, but totally empowered," Uliano tells Organic Authority. "I want every attendee to have a wonderful wellness experience, which they will remember for the rest of their life. Whether that’s learning to foam roll, experiences a luxury wellness treatment, or filling your mind with wellness information, this retreat is designed to make every attendee feel well."

(And psst, by the way, when you sign up, OA has a 10% discount code: ORGANIC10. Don't want to go alone? You can also get a discount when you bring a bestie.)

Uliano says that the idea for the two-day event came from her desire to create an "amazing opportunity to bond with like-minded women, to experience wellness in ways you just can’t at home, and to turn-a-wellness-page if you will. Retreats are a wonderful way to start a new wellness journey, or reset the one you’re currently on."

As for what guests can expect to experience, Uliano shares that there are workshops covering everything from how-to-transition to plant-based nutrition (her favorite topic) to a hormone health seminar led by Candace Burch to "fitness fun" taught by Ashley Borden. Attendees can also sign up for additional luxe experiences as part of their ticket price, including mini facials, hand treatments, personal aromatherapy sessions, and gem healing stone sessions.

Ticket packages vary from $400 for General Admission for both days to $1,000 for VIP status, which includes a VIP dinner and a VIP oracle reading.

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And because she understands women are busy, Uliano has made one-day passes available for those who'd like to get in at least one day of goodness.

Another bonus? Guests can expect a swag bag that, according to Uliano, is "totally off the charts," she says. "I’m kidding, but only a little bit. These gift bags are valued at over $1,000 and have so many amazing goodies. Why? Because who doesn’t love to be pampered - and I mean really pampered."

As for what she thinks is next to take off in the wellness industry, Uliano says functional medicine is "going to explode" as well as seeking a more tribal connection offline, hence her weekend retreat.

"People are migrating to their tribes because the Internet can be a lonely place. This is why wellness retreats are taking off," she says. "There are some wonderful ones that I am dying to try all across the globe. But for now, I have to focus to my own."

We can't wait to go! And remember: if you sign up for this gorgeous event, you can get 10% off now with our special discount code: ORGANIC10.

So what are you waiting for?

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