Working Out With Gliding Discs Is One of the Best Home Workouts I’ve Tried in a Long Time

When you can't go to the gym.

Working Out With Gliding Discs Is One of the Best Home Workouts I've Tried in a Long Time

I’m plateau-phobic, so I’m always looking for ways to amp up my home workouts. Enter: gliding discs.

Also referred to as sliding discs, sliders, or gliders, they had been on my “must try” list for the last few years. Finally, this month I got around to buying a pair and using them for the first time. The verdict?

Ooh boy! Looks are definitely deceiving with these little discs; they pack a powerful punch.

Here’s why you need to include this small-but-mighty workout tool as part of your regular exercise routine.

They Sculpt Your Whole Body

From legs to arms to core, these discs are working to tone basically every inch of your body. They easily work in a lunge as they do in a bridge or a push-up. At first, you might think an exercise is easier to complete with the discs because you’re essentially gliding across the floor.

But wait a minute. Because you’re dealing with friction and instability, your muscles are working overtime to keep you stable. Simultaneously you’re loading your muscles to keep pressure into the disc, so you don’t fall out of the movement, which you definitely begin to feel during the first few reps. Additionally, the discs help to engage your muscles throughout a full range of motion, improving your strength, balance, and flexibility. Translation: things can get intense fast.

They Improve Your Stability and Core

Imagine trying to keep upright on ice as you do a variety of movements, and you get the gist of the gliding discs. Which means it takes a lot of balance — and core stability — to keep you upright. Your leg and core muscles — and arm muscles if trying a push-up — must work together to help you complete the exercise. Balance and stability training are integral to functional fitness, which helps us effectively move through everyday movements, like squatting, walking, and climbing, and, is thus, an important component of our overall health. Tack on the fact that you’re always engaging your core while using these discs, and expect to have yourself a toned tummy in no time.

They’re Low Impact and Portable

Gliding discs are also easy on your joints, which makes them a great low-impact tool to help reduce your aches and pains. The gliding motion is less harsh on the body than hardcore jumping and stepping on the floor, but you’ll still get the desired results: strength and sweat.

Another bonus? They’re easily portable, meaning you bring them anywhere.

If you’re convinced that gliding discs belong in your life, then these are a few that we like. However, you can always use paper plates and thin towels too.

iheartsynergee Core Sliders, $11.95 

Gliding Discs Core Sliders $21.94

Try These Bodyweight Exercises

Now that you’ve got your sliders, here are some exercises to tackle to help get you started. Be prepared to work!

Mountain Climbers (Core): Starting in high plank position, slide right knee forward to chest. Push knee back to return to high plank. Repeat on the other side.

Pike (Core): In high plank position, press core and hips toward the ceiling, pulling feet in toward hands, leaving hands and shoulders in the same place. Slide feet back to return to starting position and repeat.

Reverse Lunge (Legs): Start standing with both feet on sliders. Bend right leg and slide right foot back into a low lunge, keeping left foot stationary. Straighten leg and pull foot back to starting position. Switch legs.

Burpee (Legs): Start standing with sliders on both feet. Squat down to floor, then slide out legs to high plank position, complete one push-up if desired. Then pull legs back to chest and stand up.

Push-up (Arms): Start with one hand on a slider in push-up position. Lower chest as you would in a normal push-up, with the sliding hand extending as far as you can. Slide hand back, as you lift your chest up. Repeat on the other side.

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