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Celebrity Makeup Artist Paige Padgett's Natural Beauty Must-Haves for Spring

Your Spring Green Beauty Essentials According to Celebrity Makeup Artist Paige Padgett

Image via Paige Padgett

If you want to change up your look for spring while staying as toxic-free as possible, then celebrity makeup artistand green beauty expert Paige Padgett is your go-to.

She's not only helping to revolutionize the makeup industry when it comes to toxic-free, sustainable makeup, but she also knows what makes a pretty (green) face.

Padgett, who's worked with Jillian Michaels, is the author of "The Green Beauty Rules: The Essential Guide to Toxic-Free Beauty, Green Glamour and Glowing Skin," a how-to guide on swapping your regular beauty routine for a gorgeous, toxic-free makeup one, and will soon launch her own vegan and sustainable makeup line in the fall.

"There's a subscription component involved. You'll be able to customize your products each month," Padgett tells Organic Authority about her new beauty line. "These products are everyday, easy breezy products that every woman can use."

Easy breezy green beauty products? Sign us up already! It's no wonder then that when we wanted to know which spring beauty looks and products we needed this season, we immediately turned to Padgett for advice.

Think Monochrome and Lots of Gloss

"My favorite look right now is very sheer, sort of a monochromatic look for eyes, lips, and cheeks," Padgett tell us. "I think that’s really pretty. I really like a glossy face. Glossy lids, glossy lips and cheeks. You can get the glossy lids look by just applying a little bit of facial oil on your lids. Then you can add a really pretty shade of gloss to your lips and add some mascara. I really like that look for spring."

Pretty Purple (and Pastels)

"I really love purple right now. Violet, lavender. Violet cheeks, violet eyes, violet lips. It sounds odd, but it’s pretty. It’s very brightening," says Padgett.

If you’re not into purple, Padgett suggests a pale pink or peach instead. "Just a wash of color all over," she says. "Can you tell I really love that ‘all over’ look? It’s very on trend and I like trendy things."

She adds, "If you want something more bubbly with a wow factor, highlighters are still really in. You can use them all over, too. You can use them cheeks, face, lips."

Her Go-To Products

To nail that glossy, pastel, "all over" look, here are a few of Padgett's beauty must-haves that are, literally, in her bag.

BIOSSANCE Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

biossense facial oil

Image via Sephora

Use this "amazing" facial oil just is or add to your lids for that glossy look.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed® Lip and Cheek Stain

jane iredale lip cheek stain

Image via Jane Iredale

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From the Organic Authority Files

"This is a great stick-stain combo. You put it on and it looks sheer and it matches to your natural color. It's just gorgeous. It's a staple in my bag."

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara 

well people mascara

Image via W3LL People

"Well People has this great mascara that doesn’t really smudge – which is great for summer months when it gets hotter."

RMS Beauty Eye Polish 

rms beauty eye polish

Image via RMS Beauty

"I just love RMS Beauty products."

Ilia Beauty Illuminator 

ilia beauty illuminator

Image via Ilia Beauty

"This an amazing highlighter that’s really pretty for spring."

Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer


Image Sun Integrity

"This is a sunscreen and primer in one. You cannot go wrong with this one in the spring and summer. I use this. It's really good."

*Disclaimer: Help support Organic Authority! Our site is dedicated to helping people live a conscious lifestyle. We’ve provided some affiliate links above in case you wish to purchase any of these products.

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