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The Sex Factor: 11 Good Reasons to Get it On Tonight

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Go on, get in the mood—your doctor recommends it. Having sex is one of the best ways to boost your health, not to mention the obvious fact that's it's one of life's most enjoyable activities. So the next time you feel a little frisky, grab your partner and remind them why you need some nookie...for your health, of course.

Stress reduction: 

When you feel wound up and tense, sex may be just the remedy you need. One Scottish study found that people responded more calmly to stressful situations after having intercourse compared to those who had engaged in other sexual acts or done nothing sexual at all.

Calorie burning:

Watching your figure? Torch more fat with some lively romps in the hay. You can burn as many as 200 calories having sex. The more active you are, the more fat you'll incinerate. What better excuse to get on top?

Better sleep: 

Most of us need seven to eight hours of sleep a night to feel rested and alert, but insomnia often prevents that from happening. Having sex makes you release endorphins, encouraging blissful slumber.

Sickness prevention: 

Fitting in at least one or two sessions between the sheets per week can help prevent colds and other infections, according to researchers at Wilkes University. They studied college students, and found higher levels of the antibody IgA among the sexually active group. This translates to an immunity boost, so ramp up your sex life during flu season.

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Oral health: 

Semen contains traces of tooth-protecting calcium, so offering your man some oral pleasure can give you extra reason to smile.

Cardiovascular Health: 

The risk of fatal heart attack in men is slashed in half with semi-weekly sex. And older adults who fear that sex may trigger a stroke probably have nothing to be concerned about. British men were studied over the course of 20 years, and no correlation was found.

Pain relief: 

Sex and intimacy boost levels of oxytocin. This substance, dubbed "the hormone of love," raises levels of endorphins, which naturally combat discomfort. In fact, oxytocin may reduce pain by as much as 50 percent.

Bladder control: 

Think of sex as a workout for your vagina. The activity makes you contract your pelvic floor, much like Kegel exercises. To get the biggest muscle-toning boost, contract your muscles as if you're holding in your pee. Your partner will enjoy the extra squeeze, and you'll end up with better control over bladder leakage. 

Menstrual regularity: 

If you're tired of irregular periods, sex at least once a week could be the answer. Research shows that women's menstrual cycles even out with regular lovemaking.

Hormone levels: 

The more sex you have now, the more you'll want it later. Sex encourages testosterone production (yes, women have it too), which is directly linked to libido.


We all have desires that we may be afraid to act out, or pent-up emotions that go undealt with. Letting loose in the budoir, such as trying out that dominatrix or submission fantasy youve been harboring, can provide cathartic release and help you cope with life.

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