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I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs and vegetables, but I’ve never had the time to take the plunge. Until now. 

Now that the COVID-19 quarantine is keeping me at home, I've got a bit more time, and having my own fresh grown produce on hand now seems more appealing than ever. If, like me, you’re considering growing your own food, but you’re not sure how to get started, these at-home gardening kits can help. 

4 Grow Your Own Garden Kits to Make Quarantine Gardening Easy

1.  AeroGarden

4 Grow Your Own Garden Kits to Make Quarantine Gardening Easy

AeroGarden is great for the gardener that wants to learn the tricks of the trade. Novice gardeners or those that don’t have a lot of space can choose from a number of different self-enclosed gardens. Prices range from $74.95 to $799.95. Choose “The Sprout” to grow three different crops five times faster than soil, or choose the “XL Farm,” and grow up to 24 different kinds of plants. These hydroponic countertop gardens grow five times faster than they would in regular soil. They come with a sleek design and built-in LED lighting. The system also comes with a control panel that reminds you when to add plant food. All plants are organic and pesticide-free. Free shipping on orders over $50. 

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2. Hamama

4 Grow Your Own Garden Kits to Make Quarantine Gardening Easy
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Grow the best in microgreens with Hamama. The grow trays mean you can grow microgreens bursting with health benefits and flavor in a matter of days. Just add the “seed quilts” to the grow tray, add water, and wait. For just $149, you’ll get 36 Seed Quilts shipped every four months. Choose from a wide variety of sprouts including cabbage, kale, hot wasabi, and clover, to name just a few. Customize your future shipments for free by logging into your account. 

3. Click and Grow

4 Grow Your Own Garden Kits to Make Quarantine Gardening Easy

Click and Grow Smart Indoor Gardens range in price from $99.95 to $599.95 based on the size and number of plants you want to grow. You can start with the smallest size, which allows you to grow three different plants, and the largest, which accommodates 27 different plants. Watering, lights, and nutrients are all automated, and you can subscribe to have different plant pods sent to your home. It’s all homegrown, organic, and pesticide-free, and you can choose from more than 50 plant varieties. There’s also an app to help you become an expert gardener. Free shipping on orders over $100, Click and Grow ships internationally and their pods are guaranteed to sprout. 

4. Back to Roots 

4 Grow Your Own Garden Kits to Make Quarantine Gardening Easy

Back to Roots allows you to grow your own tasty and healthful mushrooms at home. Grow kits start at just $30. All you need to add is water, and you'll be harvesting mushrooms in just ten days. The kits are organic, non-GMO, and guaranteed to grow. These fun, easy kits are also a great activity for the kids – food for thought as we look forward to weeks of at-home learning.

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