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8 Awesome Rooftop Gardens from Around the World

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rooftop farms

Check out these amazing and creative rooftop gardens from around the world for inspiration in your urban, container or concrete garden!

brooklyn grange

1. Brooklyn Grange in New York
This amazing urban farm has two New York City locations that total 2.5 acres in cultivations space that produce more 50,000 pounds of organically-grown vegetables each year. The Brooklyn Grange also works with other urban farming projects and operates New York City’s largest apiary with its 30 naturally-managed honey bee hives.

Chicago City Hall garden

2. Rooftop Garden on Chicago City Hall
This work of botanical art was installed in 2000 as part of Chi-town's initiative to test the benefits of green roofs and how they may affect temperature and air quality. The garden consists of more than 150 species of vines, shrubs and trees that are native to the Chicago region, and adapted to the high levels of wind and sun exposure they receive.

Mexico City roof garden

3. Foro Ciel in Mexico City
In 2013, the helipad roof of an office tower in Mexico City was turned into an brilliant rooftop garden made from recycled materials. The green roof is planted with native species, contains and integrated solar system that generates electricity for the offices below, and even captures rainwater.

city farm tokyo

4. City Farm in Tokyo
The City Farm in Tokyo allows local city dwellers to grow staple Japanese ingredients such as rice, eggplant, and soybeans with special irrigation and draining methods.

lufa farms greenhouse
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5. Lufa Farms in Montreal
This is essentially a rooftop farm encased in a 31,000 square foot greenhouse built atop a brick building in downtown Montreal. The farm produces around 40 different crops year round, offering fresh produce to Montreal residents even in the cold Canadian winters.

HK farms

6. HK Farms in Hong Kong
HK Farms is a cooperative of urban farmers, artists and designers working together to spread the word on the benefits and possibilities within urban agriculture. The farms' produce and art projects are available online and from the farm itself.

luchtsingel rotterdam

7. Dadakker in Rotterdam
Dadakker was founded by an architecture collective that reclaimed an old building in the center of Rotterdam and built an urban farm on the roof. The farm grows vegetables, herbs and houses bees, with produce being sold to local restaurants and shops.


8. Waldspirale in Darmstadt, Germany
The Waldspirale (which means wooden spiral in German) is a residential building containing 105 apartments and a cafe and bar. The top of the building is planted with native shrubs, grass, flowers and trees - we would love to live here!

Images: Brooklyn GrangeChicago City HallCity FarmLufa FarmsHK Farms, Luchtsingel, Wiki Commons

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