Easy Freezy: 16+ Unexpected Ways To Repurpose Ice Cube Trays

Thanks to the modern convenience of ice makers built right into our deluxe Energy Star refrigerators, once entirely indispensable ice cube trays have now gone the way of cassette tapes and pagers. Not that any of us are in danger of losing an appreciation for ice anytime soon, but with H20 cubes easily accessible at the mere push of a button, it’s pretty much made the flexible trays that we once lovingly filled with water almost obsolete. Oh well, another one bites the dust. But wait! Don’t chuck them just yet…

The trash can is the very last resting place that old ice cube trays should be deposited – they really do have seemingly endless repurposing potential. No one’s suggesting that you have to become a pack rat in order to do right by Momma Nature, but if scoring a shiny new dime at your next garage sale while unloading your old ice cube tray seems entirely uninspiring, test driving a few of these fantastic repurposing ideas will definitely make you want to hang onto them a lot longer:

  1. Arrange kiddie finger food into individual ice cube tray compartments or make full-throttle lunches with them.
  2. Transform the nubs of countless crayons into recycled versions that are easier for children to grab onto. 
  3. Create flavored beverage cubes to chill drinks without diluting their flavor (for iced coffee/tea, lemonade, etc.). Up the ante by tucking tiny love notes into your flavored beverage cubes so that as they dissolve, your sweetheart will get a big, heart-felt surprise.
  4. Make miniature soaps or individual chocolates! 
  5. Freeze homemade cookie dough into each compartment in order to exercise better portion control when your sweet tooth strikes.
  6. Encourage your children to paint fabric with homemade color-drenched cubes. 
  7. For a sweet conclusion to your next dinner party, fill old ice cube trays with assorted ice cream toppings such as nuts, sprinkles, crushed cookies, chopped up candy bits, fruit, etc. Or what about a baked potato bar with ice cube tray toppings like scallions, fried onion, shredded cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, etc.?
  8. Create a rainbow ice sun catcher
  9. Any gourmet chefs in the house? Then you’ll appreciate repurposing an old ice cube tray as a spice caddy for frequently used seasonings.
  10. For a fresh antioxidant-boost in your next beverage, freeze one fresh berry in each H20 cube for a sweet, guilt-free reward at the bottom of your glass.
  11. Start next year’s veggie seedlings… just be sure to drill a hole in the bottom of every compartment for proper drainage!
  12. Organize small office and/or craft supplies.
  13. Detangle jewelry and random baubles. 
  14. Preportion homemade baby food, pet food, leftover wine/broth, herbs, etc. for later use.
  15. Whip up some mini popsicles or decidedly far more adult margarita shots.
  16. Make your own seed bombs to restore a touch of nature to a neglected part of your urban environment!

Image via Kevin Saff 

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