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5 Ways to Create an EcoFriendly Easter Basket


Easter is hopping closer! Instead of that pesky basket grass and chemical-filled candy, go eco this holiday with our top five ways to green your Easter basket.

Easter Candy: Fill your basket with organic or homemade candy. From jelly beans to chocolate, eating organic candy means you’ll skip the any pesticides or chemicals. When you’re buying chocolate make sure it’s organic, fair-trade, shade-grown, and certified Rainforest Alliance so it’s good for you and the planet. Some of our favorite brands are Newman’s Organics, Green & Blacks, Theo, and more. If you’re feeling extra creative, try making your own candy – you’ll be able to control the amount of sugar and skip the high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and dyes.

Easter Gifts: Aside from candy,my mom always stuffed my basket with some other goodies like clothing and stuffed animals. Choose gifts that are eco-friendly, organic, or homemade and once you or your kids are done with it, give it to charity.

Easter Grass: Skip that annoying plastic Easter grass that only ends up clogging up landfills and popping up for months to come around the house. Instead, try a living Easter basket by growing grass in basket or tin. You can reuse it after Easter and it actually helps the environment by giving off oxygen. Another option is to line your basket with shredded old paper or fabric.

From the Organic Authority Files

Easter Eggs: Use natural Easter eggs dye. Those little bottles of food coloring that you’re used to using contain tons of chemicals and can negatively affect your children. According to Science News, they can cause ADHD, harm development, ignite hyperactivity, compromise your immune system and cause sterility. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention even found links between food coloring and asthma, allergic reactions and lead poisoning. Follow these super easy DIY steps to coloring your eggs naturally.

Easter Basket: Plastic Easter baskets are just a waste of money and resources. You only use them once a year and most are petroleum based. Sub that old basket with something useful like a ceramic pot, eco sand bucket, reusable tote, and more. The basket will be part of the gift and you can really get creative … the possibilities are endless.

How do you go eco for Easter?

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