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6 Useful iPad Accessories For Kitchen Use

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You've got Apple’s highly anticipated iPad; score! You know it’s sleek, lets you send emails on-the-go and allows you to catch up on your reading... but did you know the benefits it provides people like you who enjoy eating well and care about their organic lifestyle? Just like our favorite smart phones, the iPad allows users to download applications and there are many dedicated to delicious healthy eating, giving you nutritional peace of mind or even guidance about how to grow the perfect tomato! To make the most of these applications, you often need to take your iPad into your kitchen, which could lead to a range of disasters. But don’t fear, let’s look at ways you can take your iPad anywhere without having to worry about any spills and splashes.

1. Get a hard-wearing case and screen protector

Before you start looking into fancy contraptions, it’s important you invest in a good quality case for your iPad. There are so many available, from the bright and gummy to the natural and sustainable. Just make sure you buy something you’re not going to get sick of too quickly!

Screen protectors are also really important, because even when your iPad isn't in a case, it will still be protected from potential scratches. Although they're usually a little more pricey, try an anti-glare screen protector. It makes it easier to see the screen if it's reallly bright or you're sitting in the sun.

2. Try a Fridge Pad

A FridgePad is a unique way of securing your iPad without having to worry about it getting in the way or being knocked over, because it's attached to your refrigerator! The Fridge Pad is basically a huge refrigerator magnet that your iPad can quickly and simply just be clipped into, making it super easy to read recipes or even watch films while you're cooking.

3. Waterproof your iPad

When venturing into the kitchen with your iPad, one of the main concerns is that something will spill on it, damaging the mechanisms inside. To stop this from happening you need to make sure it's as waterproof as possible and there are a number of ways you can do this:

The Chef's Sleeve is ideal for protecting your iPad from kitchen spills, as well as your kids and so is this purple waterproof case from TrendyDigital.

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Or, you could make your own out of durable refrigerator bags that have a zip mechanism along the top, which would certainly save you time and money! 

4. Mount your iPad to a cabinet

If you're not keen on attaching your iPad to your refrigerator, or it's not in a convenient position, try attaching it to one of your cabinets instead using the Griffin Cabinet Mount. The device can be placed on most types of cabinets and can then be swivelled around, so no matter where you are in the kitchen, you can see the screen.

5. Try the iBallz

The iBallz is a new system for the iPad which attaches four foamy balls into each corner of the device. Not only does this mean if you drop it the screen will be protected, but it keeps the iPad stable and elevated a little from the surface, away from food and spills.

6. Find a practical stand

There are plenty of weird and wonderful iPad stands available, but make sure you get something that's sleek and practical if it's going to be living in your kitchen everyday. We love these natural wooden options from CaseCrown, that will work with a range of devices, as well as this wooden design from woodtec on Etsy.

Remember your iPad is meant to make your life easier, so don’t avoid using it in the kitchen; just take the necessary steps and be extra careful! 

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