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sweet potato burger
September 21, 2015
If you're sweet on sweet potatoes, you'll fall for our autumnal sweet potato recipes, perfect for Meatless Monday and the…
December 2, 2012
Use cinnamon in your meatless recipes this week. Vegetarian cinnamon recipes add spice to weekday meals!
November 26, 2012
Tiny French Puy lentils make the perfect protein source for healthy, delicious meatless meals. Meatless recipes featuring Puy lentils are…
November 19, 2012
Get ready for a feast with these Thanksgiving recipes. Whether you're looking for the perfect roast turkey, a vegan Thanksgiving…
October 28, 2012
When planning meatless meals, vegetarian protein sources are key. These almond recipes deliver protein, flavor and total satisfaction.
October 21, 2012
For this week's Meatless Monday, check out these delicious pomegranate recipes including meatless meals and vegan desserts!
October 7, 2012
This Meatless Monday, consider vegetarian recipes with an autumn favorite: pumpkin! This winter squash has a lot to add to…
August 19, 2012
Make this Monday a Meatless Monday, with great meatless egg recipes. Egg recipes are full of protein, which make vegetarian…
July 28, 2012
Our Meatless Monday roundup of eggplant recipes offers the best of vegetarian international cuisine... all using eggplant!
July 21, 2012
Make today a meatless Monday, with 6 delicious chickpea recipes, from appetizers to desserts!