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WHO Calls for Ban on Trans Fat
Photo by Leon Ephraïm on Unsplash
May 15, 2018
The World Health Organization is urging world leaders to work with their legislators, NGOs, and food manufacturers to eradicate dangerous…
healthy fats
November 30, 2016
Confused on the types of healthy fats to eat (is butter coffee really that healthy?) and fats to avoid? Consider…
Post-Trans Fat America: Is Healthy Fat Finally Here to Stay?
June 30, 2015
Americans are confused about fatty foods. Could the trans fat ban help to literally put healthy fat back onto our…
June 17, 2015
The FDA has announced its trans fats ban is in effect. Food manufacturers will have three years to remove these…
September 2, 2014
A study finds processed food products contain more trans fat that people may realize and the CDC says it's enough…
May 2, 2014
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April 25, 2014
Here are our favorite Tweets and comments from our fans this week.
April 18, 2014
Trans fats have been essentially banned by the FDA. So why does it look like these big food lobby groups…
doughnuts with trans fats photo
November 29, 2013
Trans fats, which are abundant in the American diet, cause heart disease and early death. As a result, the FDA…
April 27, 2012
It's not your imagination: that doughnut may be filling you with rage! Trans fats have been linked to aggression.