Laura’s Favs: Tweets and Comments (May 2, 2014)

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  • Chef Todd Mohr Best line: “it’s all a reminder that we need to think less about individual nutrients and more about our overall food intake instead.” Buy fresh, buy local, buy whole and wholesome! [Saturated Fat Isn’t So Bad After All, So Bring the Butter Back ]
  • Mike Borgia Over consumption of any food is toxic for the body. Our bodies love variety as well as moderation. Teaching Americans portion control is a challenge. [Can Eating Too Much Kale Lead to Kidney Stones & Thyroid Problems?]

  • Debbie Hereford Snyder Nothing but nontoxic products go into the earth anymore from moi. I know how important Mother Earth is to our survival. She is a beautiful lady! [Protecting Native Pollinators: Understanding Their Important Roles in Your Garden]
  • Angela Peck Great article! I love that you included that the meat is more than likely still from animals fed GMOs, something a lot of people are forgetting.
    Very happy with Chipotle overall though – hopefully more start doing this 🙂 [Chipotle Menu Now Practically 100 Percent GMO-Free]
  • Darleen Ward This is so refreshing to read as i read a ton of articles related to health and am trying to keep an autoimmune disease under control without medications just with lifestyle, food, and supplements. I am completely confused about which way to eat between autoimmune diets, Paleo diets, vegetarian only diets, it’s just too much sometimes, too much information. [The Best Diet? It Isn’t a Diet at All: It’s Just Real Food, Study Finds]

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