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Cindy Crawford and Celebrity Friends Launch New Wellness Brand 'Ladder'

The subscription-based company is elite yet accessible.

The recent launch of Ladder, a new health and wellness company founded by celebs Cindy Crawford, LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lindsey Vonn, proves that wellness not only continues continues to trend hugely in Hollywood, but that the idea of living well and healthy isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

The four famous founders have developed four core product, including two protein powders, a greens powder and an energy powder, that are created for athletes but can be used by the everyday person. Meaning you don't have to have won a NBA championship or look like a supermodel to use them. 

The company will sell its products, which it says are certified by the testing organization NSF International, as a subscription service via their website: Earning a NSF certification means that the products meet “strict standards for public health protection” governed by a third body that deals with all major sports leagues.

Through a questionnaire on the website regarding fitness and health goals, customers are able to personalize their products based on their specific needs. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the company will eventually include additional products, like snack foods.

So, how did these four celebs come together to find such a company together? 

“It was kind of an interesting group of people in that sometimes it’s a little less obvious,” Crawford told WWD

It started with James creating his own nutritional supplement, which was something that Schwarzenegger was also interested in. The two friends decided to join forces to form a brand, but they didn't want to just cater to bodybuilders and elite athletes. That's when Crawford and Vonn came onboard. 

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"I’ve been involved in fitness since my early twenties. In a lot of ways, the fitness is easier to figure out than the nutrition,” Crawford, who also has consumer experience selling her beauty brand Meaningful Beauty, told WWD. For Vonn's part, not only is she is the most decorated World Cup ski racer in United States history but also, according to WSJ, she's also been an advocate for public safety, which is a big component of Ladder. 

Together, the quad rounds out all areas in health, wellness, and fitness, which they hope is reflected in Ladder's content, including lifestyle and workout videos as well as recipes (plant-based ones too) and informative articles on such topics as detoxes and saturated fat.

Crawford told WWD that the website's content is designed to be “different and responsive to what our audience wants from us. We definitely want to widen the circle." She added, "My tagline is ‘life is a workout.’ My job does take a certain amount of athleticism and a toll on the body. Maybe there are moms or working women who can relate, so that’s my role within the four of us."

For those interested, the cost of a Ladder subscription will range from $60 to $90 for two recommended products on a monthly, 30-day cycle, and can be modified at any time. 

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