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From Our Friends: July 12, 2013

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Welcome to this week's installment of From Our Friends, our weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts from the past week and more from our friends and partners around the web. This week's edition includes articles on positive reinforcement during weight loss, a skincare giveaway, aphrodisiacs, increasing empathy, the benefits of wheatgrass juice, and ethical, eco-friendly handmade textiles. Enjoy!

1. In the fight against obesity, can a kind word tip the scale? Two recent studies show that how we talk about weight can have an impact on those trying to shed pounds. Read more at Experience Life.

2. MightyNest is having a great giveaway featuring Brooklyn's S.W. Basics. Their skincare line is made with either 3 or 5 real ingredients, and no synthetic chemicals for our skin to absorb and preservatives. They use organic, fair trade and small farm sourced ingredients as well. Enter now!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. 7 Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs And 7 Foods That Are Most Certainly Not Aphrodisiacs. You know you want to know. Read more at Blisstree.

4. By increasing activity in parts of the brain important to empathy, researchers are hopeful that we can improve our ability to recognize emotions in others. Read more at YogiTimes.

5. Drinking wheatgrass juice is known for its health-giving properties. You see trays of the stuff hanging around at most juice bars, health food stores and often perched atop healthy-eaters’ countertops. But what exactly makes it such a staple among the healthy? Find out at The Organic Whey.

6. Easily browse and find ethical, environmentally friendly and handmade textiles for your next interior design or eco fashion project at the Offset Warehouse. Read more at EcoSalon.

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