Real Food: 10 Conscious Food Blogs And Who Should Read Them

The internet abounds with food blogs. So much so that it can be overwhelming. Like in any supermarket which is full of products you don’t need, there is a lot of awful stuff out there. Recently I saw a blog post promoting a “healthy” milkshake… that involved using Oreos. You know when “healthy” and “Oreos” are in the same sentence that we’re going downhill, and downhill fast.

But there is hope. For all the bad food blogs out there, there are plenty of good ones, and in a world where more and more people are focused on eating better, buying local foods and cooking seasonally, there’s a plethora of conscious eating inspiration.

Need some help navigating? Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite conscious food blogs, in no particular order.

1. Green Kitchen Stories

If you put together a scrapboard of all your favorite vegetarian recipes ripped out from colorful magazines, you would have a wall that looks like Green Kitchen Stories. Colorful, inventive and 100 percent vegetarian, time spent on this site is like spending time in the most amazing health food store you could ever dream of.

Who should read it: Anyone who believes that regular oatmeal is boring.

2. Gourmande in the Kitchen

Gourmande in the Kitchen is for the gourmande who doesn’t just want to indulge, but indulge with a good conscience. The focus here is whole foods that are fresh, seasonal and free of processed ingredients. Best of all? It’s all about minimal preparation.

Who should read it: Anyone that thinks healthy food is boring.

3.Green Girl Eats

Helen Williams is all about no-nonsense, vegetarian (mostly organic) cooking. She also believes in healthy indulgence, which means you get things like Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.

Who should read it: Those wondering how they are going to convince their significant other to go vegetarian.

4. Oh My Veggies

If you’re looking to get more vegetarian food into your diet and don’t know Oh My Veggies, put it on your “to follow” list immediately. The recipes are fun, creative and unique and the focus isn’t just on vegetables, but local, seasonal fare.

Who should read it: Anyone that needs a vegetarian resource but doesn’t want to buy another cookbook.

5. A Tasty Love Story

On A Tasty Love Story, Josephine Malene Kofod focuses on whole, organic and seasonal food. With her Danish roots, any of the recipes come with a Scandinavian twist.

Who should read it: Those pining away for the Nordic lands but want to keep using chia seeds.

6. Dishing Up the Dirt

Andrea Bemis works on a farm in Oregon, and her recipes show it. Creative with the ingredients she pairs together, the focus here is on tasty, seasonal fare.

Who should read it: Anyone that has ever gone on a farmers market shopping spree and ended up with too many vegetables.

7. The Roasted Root

From smoothies to oatmeal, Julia Mueller takes classic healthy recipes and makes them just a little more interesting. Lots of gluten-free recipes on here as well (hello Coconut Sweet Potato Cookies).

Who should read it: The person who wants a t-shirt with the sentence “eat well, eat often” on it.

8. Love and Lemons

The Love and Lemons team is, as they put it, “all about vegetables.” The recipes are anything but average – Coconut Rice with Kale and Edamame should probably be your next dinner – and there are plenty of gluten-free and vegan options.

Who should read it: Anyone who has ever thought of pairing beets and grapefruits.

9. The Minimalist Baker

This is exactly what it sounds like: delicious baking with minimal ingredients. That makes for creative recipes like Black Bean Brownies and a lot of things that can be made with ingredients you probably have hanging around the house.

Who should read it: The cheapskate foodie who doesn’t want to look like one.

10. 101 Cookbooks

Heidi Swanson’s beautiful website is a classic, as well as her cookbooks. The focus is primarily natural and whole foods, and they’re the kind of recipes that will quickly become staples.

Who should read it: Anyone that has sworn off buying another cookbook ever again. But still wants another one.

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