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Natural, ceramic cookware has stood the test of time, and this 10,000-year-old cooking method is ready for the 21 century. Xtrema’s line of ceramic cookware, that's featured in our guide to non-toxic cookware, is versatile and natural – the perfect tools to start new traditions in your kitchen.

A Long Journey to Healthier Cookware

According to the folks behind this brand, the care modern consumers take with their food doesn't always extend to their cookware – and it should!

“If you care about where your food comes from or the nutritional value of the meals you serve," they write, "then why are you settling in terms of the cookware you use to prepare food?”

It's no secret that many metal and nonstick surfaces can leech unpleasant flavors or dangerous chemicals into food, but even some ceramic cookware can contain synthetic coatings and bonding materials containing dangerous PFOA. Xtrema, taking inspiration from 5,000 years of ceramic innovation, is handcrafted with a process that takes 20 days from start to finish, with a high-pressure casting mold and triple-firing at 2,5000 degrees for strength and durability. The resulting line is free of synthetic coatings, making it safe and healthy to use for all your cooking needs.

Xtrema cookware is 100% ceramic—from the ceramic glaze to the ceramic core—to keep your meals healthy and flavorful,” says Rich Bergstrom, founder of Xtrema. “Most importantly, Xtrema cookware will never leach chemicals, metal, cadmium, lead, or any other heavy metals, and it will not change the taste of your food.”

Xtrema isn’t just better for your health; it’s also better for the environment. Made with clay and water, Xtrema has a far smaller carbon footprint than much other cookware.

“The manufacturing process is vastly cleaner than producing metal cookware,” says Bergstrom. “Our product is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans, and we use clean burning natural gas-fired kilns to fire our products.”

In recent years, Xtrema has also made strides in improving the sustainability of its packaging, phasing out Styrofoam and transitioning to packaging that is 70 percent cardboard, 30 percent poly foam, and 100 percent recyclable.

stuffed peppers in a pure ceramic skillet by Xtrema Cookware

A Product Line to be Proud Of

Xtrema's lines range from skillets to saucepans to woks to Dutch ovens. The company also produces a line of bakeware as well as ceramic teapots.

Ceramic naturally heats evenly and can withstand extremely high and low temperatures, cooking food efficiently and evenly. However, cooking with ceramic may be a bit different to what you’re used to if you’ve been cooking on metal your whole life.

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“Non-stick and metal cookware are designed for fast and high heat cooking," says Bergstrom. "Xtrema is the complete opposite.”

Using low, slow heat with this cookware will help cook your food evenly and preserve your cookware. The company recommends allowing skillets to warm on the lowest heat setting for a minute before adding a quality oil, stock, or water and beginning to cook. This will keep food from sticking and help it cook more evenly.

Caring for Xtrema is simple, too. While dishwasher safe, hand-washing is often the easiest way to keep it clean. It’s best used with non-metal utensils and stored with a towel or specially designed polyester Cookware Protectors to keep from scratching. 

Take good care of your natural, ceramic cookware, and it will continue to stand the test of time for years to come.

Products by Xtrema Cookware

Versa Pot Sets

Xtrema Versa Pot on Stove

Shop Versa Pots from $99 to $239. 

These versatile one-pot-wonders come in 1.5qt, 2.5qt, 3.5qt, 5.5qt, and 8qt sizes. Use them for slow cooked meals that can be served directly to the table and stored in the fridge without having to use and clean extra serving dishes.

10-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid

Xtrema versa skillet on grill

Whether you are cooking for one or an entire family, this versatile solution makes meal preparation and cleanup fast and easy. 

This versatile piece is ideal for outdoor grilling, slow braising recipes, and roasting an entire 15 lb chicken.  This all-natural, all-ceramic pan can go from stovetop to oven, and from the table into the fridge. 

Xtrema Traditions Saucepans

If you don't have a saucepan, what are you waiting for? 100% ceramic cookware is good for your health and our envrionment.  

If you don't have a saucepan, what are you waiting for? 100% ceramic cookware is good for your health and our envrionment.  

These saucepans sell fast!

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