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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Fall Fruits


A trip to the farmers market yesterday had me utterly and autumly inspired. From persimmons to apples and pears in abundant variety, fall fruits are in full effect. So, this week our Meatless Monday Roundup features the best fall recipes that showcase these succulent and abundant fruits. But, not to worry; there's plenty of savory incorporations here. People on the blogosphere have been abuzz with seasonally-inspired dishes!

Let's get things going with our very own bang... or tang, if you will. Give Pickled Fall Fruits with Cardamon and Cloves a spot at your table. Chances are if your family loves pickles and the spices of fall, this one will become a staple each year as the leaves begin to turn. 

This soup is so beautiful and chockful of fall flavors. From Jeanette's Healthy Living, not only does her Fresh Beet and Apple Soup Recipe contain the unique mixture of Granny Smith apples with richly-hued beets, but the whole shebang is contained within a roasted acorn squash. Who needs a bread bowl?!

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From the Organic Authority Files

For this next one, though, a bread bowl would actually be a delight. Are you a sucker for hummus in it's many forms and flavors? Well, how about Apple Spice Hummus from The Edible Perspective. It's different... but delicious. Plop a dollop on our Cider-Spiked Persimmon Bread for a real treat. .

For your meatless entree, Quinoa Pilaf with Butternut Squash and Pomegranate will give new meaning to this ruby-red fruit. Crunchy bursts coupled with quinoa's healthy source of protein and the soft buttery goodness of butternut squash... no one's complaining. 

Round out your meal with a whole piece of fruit in hand as nature intended or give this Gluten and Egg Free Chocolate & Pear Tart with Spiced Honey Glaze from Shop Cook Make the opportunity to showcase the beloved pear. It's as gorgeous a dessert as it is delightful. 

image: Jeanette's Healthy Living

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