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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Go Green for St. Patty's


As we know it, Saint Patrick's Day fare can be one of two things: Irish or green. And while we're opting out of green eggs and ham this time around (if we did make 'em, though, it's be pesto - not dye - imparting that lovely hue), we've got some decidedly delicious recipes from some of our favorite bloggers to share with you. While the holiday falls on a Saturday, in honor of it's signature color, why not make it a Meatless Saint Patrick's Day, too? And then you can eat the leftovers for Meatless Monday...

Over at hungry gnomes, this recipe for Vegan Irish Soda Bread is the blogger's choice for "stranded on a dessert island." It's that good, full of yummy, healthy carbs. And it pays tribute to Ireland's foray into the land of leavening breads with baking soda.

Potatoes: I'm not sure there's much else that is quintessentially Irish, best known for the Great Potato Famine, which was, in fact, not great at all. Ponder a little piece of history as you sink your teeth into this recipe from Spoon With Me for Lemon Parsley Breakfast Potatoes. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

Let's take the corned beef out of the cabbage and honor this Irish dish in another way. The Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen has mixed it up with this hearty Cabbage Rice. While it's got a South Indian flair for sure, we think it passes the St. Patty's test nonetheless. 

Go green. Go green. Go green. This Spring Green Bagel-wich from the Family Kitchen is loaded with our favorite color, and no surprise, a hefty amount of packed-in nutrition. 

What Saint Patrick's Day celebration would be complete without a delicious, dark beer? Think outside the Guinness. Here are our top picks for some great Irish brews. 

image: hungry gnomes

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