Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Meatless Thanksgiving Recipes

Vegan roast

This Monday, you’ve probably already got your Thanksgiving recipes in mind. As you plan for the big day on Thursday, consider including some meatless options in your menu. These dishes are perfect for Meatless Monday, but they’re also great options to offer for your Thanksgiving meal; vegetarians will be happy to have such delicious meatless Thanksgiving dishes to choose from, and meat eaters will likely fall for them as well!

If you’re looking for a meatless main, be it for a vegetarian Thanksgiving or a simple yet seasonal Meatless Monday supper, consider this delicious vegan seitan roast with chestnut stuffing (depicted above). The roast, filled with flavorful ingredients like mushrooms and aromatic vegetables, is perfect for an impressive centerpiece to a meatless Thanksgiving meal, but it’s just as lovely as a weeknight autumn supper, provided you plan ahead; the roast takes a bit of time to assemble, but it’s definitely worth it.

sweet potato casserole
Credit: Image courtesy of Kate Gavlick

Image: elin

Some traditional baked sweet potato casserole recipes call for a marshmallow topping, but these have a crunchier crust, with brown sugar and pecans. It’s definitely rich, with cream and butter, but it’s worth it for a special occasion dish. Should you choose to make the casserole for Meatless Monday, be sure to serve it with a large salad of bitter winter lettuces with an acidic vinaigrette, to balance the sweetness and richness of the dish.

vegetarian stuffing

Image: russ

Stuffing is frequently prepared stuffed into the turkey, as its name suggests. But delicious vegetarian stuffing, made without meat products, can be made and served as a side dish. Herbs add flavor to this stuffing; to make it even better, use your own homemade vegetable stock.

Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.

Image: Mattie Hagedorn

Cranberry sauce is the perfect accompaniment to whatever seasonal Thanksgiving recipes you choose to make, and it’s naturally meatless! Be wary of recipes that call for gelatin; the natural pectin is all our homemade cranberry sauce needs to gel perfectly.


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