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10 Fitness Experts to Follow on Instagram for Daily Fitspiration

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9 Fitness Experts to Follow on Instagram for Daily Fitspiration

No matter where you're at with your fitness goals, there are always those off days where all you want to do is hide under the covers and hope your coffee will somehow deliver itself. That's where following fitness experts on Instagram really comes in handy: By the time you're done getting your procrastination on, their feeds will inspire you to not only get back in the game, but kick your next workout's... face.

Here are 9 fitness experts you should follow on Instagram (like, right now):

1. Jeanette Jenkins


A long-time fitness instructor to hot tamale Kelly Rowland, the only way you won't be inspired by Jeanette's Instagram feed is... well, if you're not looking at it. Among other things, you'll find gorgeous body photos, meal plans, and empowering quotes to give you the kick in the tuchus you're looking for.

2. Ashley Borden


With more than 35,000 hours of training experience to her name, it goes without saying you'll be willing to take in the advice she dishes out. Her feed's full of impressive snapshots of toned abs, biceps and video clips to help you achieve your goal body.

3. Jen Selter


Fitness model Jen Selter probably has the most famous booty in the world (seriously, her Instagram belfies are the stuff of legends). If you want a posterior that would give Kim K. a run for her money, just check out Jen's glute routines.

4. Jay Cardiello


Jay Cardiello is a celebrity trainer, author and fitness editor at large for SHAPE magazine who's trained celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. In other words, he knows what he's talking about. On his Instagram feed, you'll find exercises, workout challenges and healthy recipes.

5. Rachel Brathen


Rachel is a yoga instructor who travels all over the world and takes ah-mazing snapshots of herself in some pretty pretzel-like poses. She also offers advice on how to master them yourself.

6. Kathryn Budig


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From the Organic Authority Files

Yoga instructor Kathryn Budig is one of my all-time favorite fitness experts. Her fitness-related Instagram posts are just as inspiring as the personal anecdotes she shares (and the pics of her dogs are too cute for words). Just by being herself, she gives you a lifestyle to strive for that goes beyond health and fitness.

7. Mary Helen Bowers


Professional ballerina and creator of Ballet Beautiful fitness, Mary Helen Bowers posts stunning images that are as strong as they are graceful. (Fun fact: She personally trained Natalie Portman for her Oscar-winning role in "Black Swan"!) Her workout "mixes the athleticism and grace of classical ballet with targeted exercises that sculpt a dancer's toned, lean physique," says her website. You go girl.

8. Valerie Waters


Valerie Waters is a premier personal trainer in LA who's all about producing results, fast. She's helped get stars like Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington and Kate Beckinsale ready for movie roles, red carpets and magazine covers. Follow her on Instagram for tips and strategies for getting fit and you know, getting your sexy on.

9. Heidi Powell


Heidi Powell is a mom of four, wifey to Chris Powell (who I must say, dayuuum), and fitness trainer on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss". There isn't anything this woman can't do, and her Instagram feed will make you feel the exact same way about yourself.

10. Sarah Olive Bergeson (This Fit Mom)


Organic Authority's own Sarah Olive Bergeson was kicking Instagram butt before she joined our ranks. And she's still at it with inspirational pics and stories to keep you motivated and laughing about all things fitness, life and being an awesome mom.

Who are your favorite fitness experts on Instagram?

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