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Drew Barrymore Lost 25 Lbs. Thanks to Barre Classes and Eating Vegan

She admits, "It's hard AF."

Actress Drew Barrymore is getting real about what it takes to lose weight. The "Santa Clarita Diet" star recently shared with her Instagram followers that she had dropped 25 pounds in three months. 

Though the star admitted it wasn't easy for her. "This takes me so much work,” she wrote. “Diet and exercise and fighting like a lion for it! Damn you genetics!”

Even if it was "hard af," here's how the star did it. 

She Went to Barre Class

Barrymore credited her trainer, Marnie Alton of Barre Belle, for helping her drop the weight. “You can tell my face is so much thinner," Barrymore wrote in her post. "This takes me so much work."

According to its website, Barre Belle is a sixty-minute "experience" that includes "a combo of energizing strength and flexibility training for a full body workout that burns fat, exercises the heart and targets all areas of the body: from the arms and abs, to thighs, seat and back."

The benefits of barre are well-known. Because barre classes focus on intrinsic muscles, rather than superficial ones, you will find that your body will tone up faster than previous exercises. You'll find that the lean muscle you'll develop and build in class not only looks good but will also help you burn more calories throughout the day.

She Eats Vegan (Sometimes)

Barrymore says she's a "foodie" but while she's shooting her Netflix show, the actress says she eats vegan. There's a reason why stars like Barrymore and Beyonce go vegan when they want to shed weight: it works. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

An analysis of 12 studies found that people on a vegan diet lost 5.5 pounds more than those on an omnivorous diet. And while adding more veggies to your diet is healthy and can promote weight loss, a vegan diet may even be better than other plant-based diets for shedding pounds. One 2015 study involving 50 adults who were split into vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, semi-vegetarian, or omnivorous found that those in the vegan group lost 7.5 percent of their body weight, while those in the other groups lost about three percent of their body weight.

She's Consistent 

Barrymore admits that she doesn't have time for consistency "due to real life," but admits that it takes real goals and showing up to make things change. "I just know that I have the control to be what I want," she said. 

Staying consistent with your fitness and healthy eating routines not only helps keep you motivated, but it's also been proven to reap results. One study from 2017 showed that developing a stable schedule of healthy eating and exercise can help with keeping your weight management consistent, which means you're more likely to shed pounds and keep them off. 

Losing 25 pounds over three months like Barrymore, which equals just over seven pounds a month, is far more healthy and achievable than any diet that promises rapid weight loss. 

The Takeaway

As Barrymore admits, losing weight takes hard work. But by finding a fitness routine that works for you, while also keeping consistent with a healthy plant-based diet, you too can lose weight and post fun Instagram photos tracking your journey. 

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