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Everything You Need to Know About J.Lo's Hot New Workout

Warning: It'll make you sweat.

We all know Jennifer Lopez has one hot body. And now she’s recently revealed that she owes her enviable physique to one hot workout.

The singer-actress, along with her beau, Alex Rodriguez, are obsessed with the workouts at TruFusion studio. The couple has frequently been spotted at the studio over the last year. In fact, they love it so much that A-Rod became a major investor in the gym.

If any workout can offer the slightest hope that we can achieve Lopez-like abs, we’re all ears. Here’s why A-Rod calls it “the best workout” he’s ever had.

What is TrueFusion?

Rodriguez described the workout to People as a blend of hot yoga and boot camp. The studio offers a large range of classes, including yoga, barre, circuit training, and TRX, many of which take place in a heated room that can increase to 120 degrees. According to its website, some classes are housed in a warm room of 95 degrees, while fitness classes, like TruKettlebell and TruBoxing are held in rooms of 80 degrees.

As its website says, “Hotter = better.”

So is hotter ‘better’?

Some studies say yes. One study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, found that exercising in the heat may improve athletic performance in cool and hot conditions because heat acclimation helps to improve the body’s ability to control body temperature, as well as improving sweating and increasing blood flow through the skin. Additionally, training in the heat can increase an athlete's blood plasma volume, which leads to better cardiovascular fitness.

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However, every body is different; meaning some people might prefer working out in the heat, while some people might respond better to cooler, even colder, temperatures. Bottom line: know what feels best for your body.  

The Benefits

Since TruFusion houses 65 different styles of classes under one roof, there’s bound to be a class that you’ll love. Boxing – a favorite of J. Lo’s -- is one of the most intense cardiovascular activities for athletes of many different fitness levels that not improve upper body strength but torches major calories. Couple that with yoga, which is known to increase body awareness and relieve stress, and barre, which helps to develop and build lean muscle while improving posture and flexibility, and it’s no wonder why J. Lo and A-Rod are such huge fans of the studio. 

And, of course, as the studio recommends, don't forget your water. Hydration is key no matter what the workout, but especially for those under hot temperatures. 

Interested in trying out a class at TruFusion? At $30 for 30 days, the membership is surprisingly affordable for a J.Lo-approved workout. And, according to Women's Health, with locations in Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida, and Saint Louis, and more to come in New York City, L.A., Philadelphia, Dallas, and Austin in 2019, there will be more opportunities for us mere mortals to work out like goddess Lopez. 

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