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How to Manifest Like the Spiritual Guru You Are

Meditation is key.
How to Manifest Like the Spiritual Guru You Are

Manifesting might seem like an esoteric and "woo woo" concept, but according to Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation and author of Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance, manifestation can actually be way more relatable and doable.

"While manifesting still gets some eye rolls from skeptics, I define it as consciously creating a life you love," she tells Organic Authority. 

For Jona Genova, energy healer and Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher, the act of manifestation is "an event or action that embodies an idea. Mike Dooley [New York Times Bestselling author and entrepreneur in the philosophical New Thought movement] said it best, 'thoughts become things'."

Which means that what we're emitting to the world around us, from our thoughts to our energy, will reflect back to us the life we are co-creating. 

"We can intend to create circumstances in our lives by becoming intentional with what takes up our mind space," says Genova. 

So how do we manifest the dream job, the financial freedom, and/or the love of our life? Here's what you need to know. 

The Process

"The thing with manifesting is to allow what it would feel like if you already had it with an action," Genova says. "Then, trust that the Universe hears you and is delivering it to you." 

Genova says it's key to notice when you are feeling resistance, so you can work to clear your limiting beliefs and fears.

"The Universe responds to energy. The Universe will respond to whatever is your dominant belief," she says. "You could tell yourself, 'I'm as rich as Oprah' a thousand times as you brush your teeth but if your body is saying, 'That's bullshit, you're nothing. You can't achieve that,' then the Universe will respond to the thought that feels most real to you."

When it comes to manifesting, says Fletcher: "It’s simple. If you ask better questions you will get better answers."

This means you must get very clear and specific on what you want to create in your life. Ask yourself: What is it that you want and why? How will it benefit your life? How will it make you feel? What does your life look like when you have (the job, the partner, the car)?

"The real trick to manifesting is imagining your dreams as if they are happening now," says Fletcher. "What so many people inadvertently do is worship the space between where they are and where they want to be which creates more stress."

Fletcher's simple three key steps to manifesting are as follows: 

1. Have a burning desire. What do you truly want? The Universe doesn't work in half-truths, so ensure you're choosing something to manifest that lights you up and makes you feel really good. 

2. Take inspired action. Manifesting is the art of co-creating with the Universe. Which steps can you take to help make your goal come true? Commit to taking action each day towards your wish. 

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3. Detachment. Let it go. Seems contrary but often when we want something so badly, we have a lot of doubts and fears surrounding it. Then we wonder if it'll ever happen, and instead of trusting in our and the Universe's ability to make it come true, we come from a scarcity, and not abundant, mentality. The secret sauce to manifestation is letting it be, and being okay with whatever happens. Stop controlling, and start believing. 

As Fletcher puts it: "Detachment is sexy, neediness is not."

How Meditation Helps

Both Fletcher and Genova agree that meditation is a key component of manifesting. 

"Meditation helps us to understand how our mind works," says Genova. "Most people are having thoughts but are not conscious about the types of thoughts that take up their mind space. By slowing down and becoming aware of our thoughts, we can choose to welcome beneficial kinds of thinking and heal thinking that does not support our growth."

Fletcher believes it's the combination of meditation and manifesting that makes each process so much more powerful than either one alone.

"You could meditate all day but if you aren’t clear on what you want it’s hard for nature to deliver your desires," she says. "Conversely you could line your home with vision boards and watch The Secret on repeat but if you aren’t meditating and your body is riddled with stress chances are you don’t believe you deserve your desires."

Which is why Fletcher teaches her clients to manifest their dreams in the few minutes after meditation. "This is a powerful time to set intentions because the right and left hemispheres of the brain are communicating in a different way than in our waking state."

Don't have a meditation practice yet? Then Fletcher suggests visualizing and feeling your manifesting goals as you drift into sleep. 

"The more de-excited the brain and body are the easier it is."

What to Keep in Mind About Manifesting

"The thing to keep in mind is that your happiness does not lie on the other side of the manifestation of your dreams," says Fletcher. In fact, she says, rigid attachment to your desires can work against your efforts. 

"Happiness is always found inside of you. Starting a daily meditation practice will supercharge your manifesting by allowing you to experience this every day twice a day which will ultimately lead to a healthy level of detachment around your desires."

Genova agrees. She says, that while manifestation practices can give us the life we currently dream of, when that life is delivered to us, we might still experience suffering. "Manifesting a new car or job does not liberate us from suffering. However, playing with manifestation can show us that having it all does not relieve suffering and that pain is a natural part of the human condition."

She adds, "Then we will question, "Where is the suffering coming from? I thought that if I had this and that, I would be happy. Now I have this and that and I am not happy. What is going on?'" At that point, says Genova, her hope is that one would look deeper and engage in more meaningful meditation practices.

Which also connects to the deeper importance surrounding your desire to manifest: your why. Why do you wish to manifest this desire? How do you feel it will better your life and why?

Because, as Fletcher says, “We don’t get what we want in life, we get what we believe we deserve.”

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