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Can't Get Enough: J. Lo and A-Rod Are Doing Another 10 Day Challenge

They're pretty hardcore about their fitness.

They're at it again. Just months after completing their 10-day sugar-free challenge, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are tackling another health goal. This time the newly engaged superstar couple are committing to 10 days of hardcore workouts.  

As if the couple weren't fit enough already (have you seen Lopez's washboard abs?), the stars are looking to get even tauter and tone for their upcoming wedding. 

Rodriguez recently posted a video on YouTube titled: "Sweating for the Wedding," which opens with A-Rod announcing they're on "day three" of their challenge.

Here's what we learned from their workouts.

They Wear "Sweat Suits" 

The video shows the couple warming up on elliptical machines wearing matching "sweat suits." A-Rod is heard saying on the video, the suits are "supposed to make you sweat."

While most skeptics have argued such suits only help you lose water weight and don't really work for long-time weight loss, a 2017 study found that by wearing one you not only lose weight, but also burn fat, lower your blood sugar levels, and increase your aerobic fitness.

They Do A Lot of Weight Training

After sweating out during their cardio session, the couple switches over to some serious weight-training, including cable crossover reverse flys and Arnold presses. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

By using strength training as the bulk of their workout (no pun intended), Lopez and Rodriguez are turning their bodies into lean mean calorie-burning machines since using weight training boosts metabolism, and as you get stronger, even at rest your body is burning calories.

Speaking of burning, Lopez is seen getting her famous booty in shape by performing donkey kicks with a pair of ankle weights. Ankle weights are an easy way to challenge your workouts and give you that extra bit of toning when it comes to your legs and butt. 

Adding ankle weights to stationary movements, like donkey kicks and leg lifts, adds resistance, which will increase metabolism, burn more fat, and give more shape to your lower body.

They Work Out Together

They say the couple that sweats together, stays together -- and a study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health agrees. Researchers found that your spouse is actually the best motivator to help you off the couch and get moving.

They discovered that when wives achieved their exercise goals first, husbands were 70% more likely to step up their game. And when husbands got fit first, 40% of wives were likely to meet their exercise goals, after following their lead.

So if their new fitness challenge is any indication of their impending nuptials, it looks like Lopez and Rodriguez are in it to win it. 

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