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The 3 Best Essential Oils to Keep Aging Skin Gorgeous

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The 3 Best Essential Oils to Keep Aging Skin Gorgeous

The skincare market is drowning in anti-aging products. And while it’s great to have so many options, too many have likely left you confused and unsure about what really works and what’s just clever marketing gimmicks. Instead of wasting your time sorting through all that’s out there, turn to your most trusted guardian for your beauty woes: Mother Nature herself. Nothing quite beats the potency and effectiveness of ingredients that come straight out of her bounty (especially when you’re up against Father Time). Plant-based essential oils are powerful tools that are naturally free of harmful chemical additives.

These essential oils qualify as some of the best oils for the skin due to their anti-aging properties and overall incredible beautifying effects.

Step 1: Pick a carrier oil

Because they are so potent, essential oils are best not applied directly to the skin without a carrier oil as a base--essentially a gentler oil that dilutes the potency of the essential oil. The carrier oil you use should be relatively neutral and able to spread thin, so you can evenly apply as well as ease the strength of whatever essential oil you add to the carrier. Excellent carrier oils include apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and rose hip seed oil. These oils are hydrating, healing, and fit for sensitive skin types. Alone, they work wonderfully as daily skin nutrition, but for accelerated results, it helps to mix them with essential oils that pack an even greater punch.

Remember, when it comes to essential oils, a little goes a long way, and carrier oils make applying essential a lot more practical and efficient.

Step 2: Choose an essential oil

These are some of the best oils for the skin that you’ll find, particularly because they keep you looking young and fresh, even as you age!

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

This centuries-old medicinal essential oil is an aromatic resin from the trees of the genus Boswellia. It originates in the Arabian Peninsula. With anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, Frankincense is critical in preventing and treating aging skin. The oil tightens and firms sagging skin, minimizes the appearance of scars, dark marks, and age spots as well as balances the skin’s pH.

2. Myrrh Essential Oil

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Myrrh is an aromatic sap-like substance that comes from the thorny tree species of the genus Commiphora. It has long been used as a perfume, incense, and medicine in Africa and the Middle East. One of its most common forms is as an essential oil. It has been proven to heal wounds and is packed with antioxidants, which help to reverse aging caused by free radical damage.

3. Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium oil has a fragrant flowery scent that soothes your senses. It has natural astringent properties that tighten skin, lessening the appearance of pores, regulating sebum, and toning and firming the skin. The geranium plant also possesses antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, which keep the skin young as well as clean and clear of damage.

Step 3: Mix and Apply Daily

Add 2 tablespoons of your chosen carrier oil to a small glass jar. Next, add 5-7 drops of your chosen essential oil or a mixture of a 2-3 of the ones listed. Seal the jar and shake. Apply a dime-sized amount of the oil to the skin every night before bed, after cleansing. Repeat daily.

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