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5 Tips To Find Your Ideal Workout Plan

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Life gets busy and sometimes exercise can be sporadic to say the least. What you need is a real workout plan that's not only enjoyable but also delivers results! Here are five things you can do to find your groove and develop a successful workout plan.

  1. Bring A Friend: Is your workout plan more productive when you have someone else beside you motivating you to do extra reps or sprint the last quarter mile? If so, ask a friend to join you, hire a personal trainer, or attend upbeat style group classes such as Zuma, Spin, CrossFit. Or if you prefer to be plugged in with your music and no one around to distract or boss you around, then opt out of the big classes and kick some butt on your own!
  1. Everything Counts: Every time you move your body it boosts your metabolism, and not just because you’re burning calories. Even housework and sex revs up your engine, meaning you continue to burn more calories even after the activity is over! The best workout plan is one that incorporates smaller workouts throughout your day. This is a great thing if you just can’t seem to fit in a long workout, so break them up and squeeze in two to three, 20 minute workouts (climbing stairs, walk around the block, do sit ups or crunches, as many days as you can throughout the week.
  1. Mix It Up: When you find your current workout plan a bit on the boring side, or you’re not seeing the results you’d like, it may be time to try something new. Swap one of your running workouts with a spin class, give yoga a try instead of just weight lifting, or take a hike in nature instead of walking on the treadmill. Change can be a great thing!
  1. Make A Schedule: Finding your days getting away from you and regular workout plan becoming non-existent, it’s time you start scheduling your exercise into the early morning hours. You’ll be way more accountable if you get it out of the way first, not to mention feeling great for the rest of your day!
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  1. Exercise Smarter, Not Longer: You don’t necessarily need a longer workout plan to see the results you want, but you may need to workout harder. Increase the intensity you workout at, take your treadmill incline or speed up, increase the resistance when you weight train because to continue getting stronger you need to challenge your strength, this also includes cardio exercise too!

If you discover you really should be working out by yourself instead of in a class or it’s time to try a new workout plan, do it! Squeeze in those shorter 20-minute workouts on those days you just couldn’t make it to the gym in the morning, plus those shorter workouts mean you can up your intensity and you’ll keep burning more calories for longer after each workout. Basically, there is no pointless exercise, so just get moving.

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