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Boost Your Energy Levels AND Get Healthier at the Same Time?


If there's one thing most of us can agree on it's that we could all use a bit more energy these days. Regardless of where we find ourselves in the ol' lifecycle, and no matter how healthy or active we tend to be, the world is moving fast, and keeping up can be, well, exhausting. Needing an energy boost doesn't mean there's necessarily any serious health issue, either. Most of us do a lot in our days, and bodies, like cars, can run perfectly fine until the moment they run out of fuel. 

How we handle our need for energy though is much more complicated than stopping at a gas station. Our bodies are complex and can respond to many sources of energy, like natural herbs instead of caffeine, sugar or other stimulants we often turn to when we need a pick-me-up. Pacific Herbs founder, Cathy Margolin understands this problem. She's been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for years—mostly to help regulate her own body's peculiarities and challenges, one of which was the need for energy that didn't leave her feeling worse for the wear, like coffee or a candy bar will most certainly do. She noticed the same issue with her patients too, and when they began adding chinese herbs their energy levels drastically improved. The demand for her products even began to exceed her supply, as did her passion for the results she achieved with TCM, so that led to the creation of Pacific Herbs, a novel approach to TCM available now for the first time in the U.S. 

Using the highest quality Chinese herbs rigorously tested to a gold standard of pharmaceutical grade processing and vetted by health care professionals and insurance companies around the world (these herbs are administered by –pharmacists-- and doctors in countries including Germany, Australia and Japan), Cathy partnered with a long-time Asian manufacturer of TCM herbs to create her formulas, including the potent Energy Booster. 

Without using any fillers, caffeine or sugar, Energy Booster comes in an easy-to-use powder packet and relies on time-tested herbs prized by Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. And unlike other energy boosting products on the market that will cause your adrenals to crash, the herbs in Energy Booster actually support and build your adrenal system. Yes, you can replenish and revitalize your body while increasing your energy! 

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From the Organic Authority Files

Cathy's formula, which synergizes the uplifting power of 12 effective herbs, includes perhaps the best-known Chinese herb, ginseng. What's most unique about ginseng is that it's an adaptogenic herb, meaning that it has a rare ability to provide just what the body needs, be that increased energy, clarity, balancing the endocrine system or boosting immunity. Pacific Herbs Energy Booster also contains goji berries—the popular miracle fruit from high in the Chinese mountains that's loaded with energy-giving amino acids and healthy antioxidants that improve immunity, and purify the blood. 

Another really exciting aspect of Pacific Herbs Energy Booster is the long-standing reputation of the ingredients. They've been used for thousands of years versus modern pharmaceuticals (and even over-the-counter extracts and isolates) that have undesirable side-effects. (Did you know caffeine is a drug, too, coffee drinkers? It's why you get the jitters!). 

Energy Booster is extremely safe for regular use, but if you are taking any prescription medications, it's always recommended to consult with your physician before adding herbs to your diet. 

Interested in trying Pacific Herbs Energy Booster? Swing over to their webstore to order and check out their full line of Traditional Chinese Herbs. They make great gifts, too!

This post is sponsored by Pacific Herbs.

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