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How to Reconnect With Your Spirituality on a Daily Basis

It doesn't have to be complicated.
How to Reconnect With Your Spirituality on a Daily Basis

You drink kombucha and attend regular spinning classes for your physical health, and you indulge in self-care practices, like massages and journaling, for your mental and emotional health, but what are you doing for your spiritual health?

For a number of people, connecting with spirituality can seem almost esoteric. You might think it means indulging in meticulous traditions or "woo woo" rituals. While neglecting your spiritual side might be easier to do than, say, eating your veggies and doing crunches, in truth, your spiritual body is your connection to the energy of your life. No matter where your beliefs might lie, your spirituality is your energetic powerhouse where your true sense of self and purpose live. 

"I find that starting and ending my day with a spiritual ritual attunes me to my inner compass. My actions throughout the day and my dreams reflect a more grounded, loving me," Jona Genova, founder of Samadhi for Peace & Reiki Collective, tells Organic Authority. "Bookending your day with a spiritual practice gives it space when you can be attentive to your practice."

Which is why, in order to live in a state of harmony and balance, it's imperative to connect with your spirituality on the daily. But how do you connect with your spirituality everyday, especially when you've got a busy professional and personal life to deal with?

Here are some simple tips on how to live a more connected and spiritual life. 

Carve Out Some "Me" Time in the Morning 

The first thing Genova suggests is making the commitment to waking up 10 minutes early. 

"Ideally, this is before anyone else in your household is up. In time you'll appreciate the benefits so much that you'll want to wake up 15 minutes earlier and then even 20 minutes earlier," she says. 

This way it's unlikely you'll be disturbed, and thus won't forgo your morning practice for a hungry child, for instance. 

Create a Grounding Morning Routine

Next Genova suggests creating a routine to meet your basic needs, which includes your spiritual needs. This doesn't have to be complicated. 

For Genova, it includes drinking a half liter of alkaline water each morning ("I prepare a jug before bed and have it on my nightstand for quick access in the morning") and then doing her PBC ("Pee, Brush my teeth, put in Contacts") before she settles on the sofa or my meditation cushion near the window to listen to the birds and connect with nature.

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Think of your current morning routine. Are you constantly hitting the Snooze button before anxiously leaping out of bed, and rushing around to get everything ready before work? Or are you simply on mindless auto-pilot?

Instead, think of how you can implement simple and grounding rituals that not only help you get ahead in the morning, like PBC but, which also helps connect you to yourself and your environment. Maybe it's watching the birds outside like Genova, or maybe it's mindfully sipping your coffee in silence -- without scrolling through your phone. 

Include Some Meditation

Yes, meditation. It's something that we all say that we're going to do but somehow always put off. However, with so many meditation apps and timers available, including meditations that are as short as three minutes long, there's really no excuse not to include a moment of Zen in your day. 

So maybe it's hitting your meditation cushion in the morning, or taking the time to get still during lunch hour. It doesn't matter when or where; it just matters that you take that time for yourself. 

"I meditate by connecting with my Spiritual Benefactors through Innate Compassion Training and read something nourishing," says Genova. "This practice orients me in the world in a way that is comforting, expansive and empathic. It's literally like calibrating yourself for the day. You'll realize you're not alone in this world and your actions and reactions will reflect this knowing."

If you're curious about Genova's practice, you can join her every Wednesday evening at 5pm PT on Facebook Live for Community Meditation.

Close Out Your Day Mindfully

Just as important as how you start your day is how you end it. Instead of zoning out to Netflix, think of closing out your day with a reminder of your spiritual connectivity.

For Genova that means taking a moment to think of all of the moments of caring connection throughout the day; in nature, with strangers and loved ones. 

"This overpowers the negative brain bias that is tracking threatening experiences. It roots us in the reality that we are safe and cared for beyond our comprehension. It relieves worry, competition, and fear," she says. "As I fall asleep, I channel the love and equanimity of my Spiritual Benefactors to shine a loving thought and feeling to my students, family, teachers, friends, strangers, animals, Mother Nature, and even those who irritate me."

Taking the time out to cultivate and practice your spirituality will help restore your soul, and helps you put your best, and most loving, step forward every day. By keeping your routine simple and personal, you'll be able to connect with your spiritual side easily and effortlessly. Before you know it, it'll be like PBC.

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