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4 Fitness Tips from Kate Highstrete of Ballet Bodies


Ballet Bodies is a fitness studio in L.A. that happens to be a little different than most fitness centers. Ballet Bodies was founded by a former dancer with the New York City Ballet, and at the studio, trainers take from – and improve on – the basic fundamentals of Pilates. The goal? To help people achieve an aesthetic as long, lean and beautiful as a ballet dancer’s.

As a trainer at Ballet Bodies, a member of the Los Angeles Ballet and basically a lifelong ballet student, Kate Highstrete knows what it takes to get a body into tip-top form. Organic Authority was pleased to get a few fitness tips from Kate.

OrganicAuthority: What are the best moves to warming up before and after a class?

Kate Highstrete: Light stretching before a workout and more intense stretching at the end of a workout when your muscles are warm is a must, in order to stave off injury and keep a long and lithe appearance.

OA: Are there tips to effectively tone those hard to reach areas, like the sides of the stomach and back side?

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From the Organic Authority Files

KH: Definitely the side crunch on the Pilates box on the reformer. At home, you can garner the same results by leaning up on your side against a large stability ball and keeping your hips and lower body still as you do a side crunch with your upper torso.

OA: What’s your best motivational tip to make it through a tough workout?

KH: Strive for good form and technical perfection. I always find the pursuit of beauty to be a good motivator, whether it’s the beauty of the movement within the exercise itself, or the beauty of the physique of your dreams.

OA: Do you have any other good tips or techniques you can give us?

KH: If you’re working out a lot to achieve dramatic results or simply to maintain a healthy physique, do not undermine your hard work with a poor diet. And you should also stay hydrated with water.

Although Kate is a very busy dancer and trainer, she still makes time for community based activities. She recently took part in an event sponsored by resource 100% Natural Spring Water to support Women Empowered, a local Los Angeles nonprofit that mentors women and provides volunteer services to local shelters.

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