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Exclusive: Hilaria Baldwin's Must-Haves for a Living a Balanced Life

The mom of four shares her go-to wellness tips.

Hilaria Baldwin knows what it means to have a busy lifestyle. When the yogi and mother of four (and wife to actor Alec Baldwin) isn't prepping meals and spending time with her family, she's running a business (she owns Yoga Vida), writing books (The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life), and posting her popular Instagram workout videos. 

So how does she make the time to keep fit and make wellness a priority in her life?

"Making time for wellness and fitness is extremely important," she tells Organic Authority in an exclusive interview. "People always say, 'put your oxygen mask on before helping others', and the same thing applies to your daily life. You’re no good to anyone if you’re feeling depleted."

We talked to the wellness entrepreneur on how she balances a healthy lifestyle alongside four kids, a thriving business, and a marriage to a famous actor. Here's how she does it. 

She's a Devout Yogi

A yoga instructor of fifteen years, Baldwin says she started teaching yoga because she was looking for "something healthy" in her life. 

"I had an eating disorder, I had just turned 20 years old, just moved to New York, and felt a little bit lost," she says. "I found a yoga studio near my apartment, started practicing, and eventually began teaching my own classes."

The owner of the New York-based Yoga Vida adds: "You really get to know and learn a subject when you teach it and that’s what I experienced with yoga. The more I could be around yoga and talk with people about kindness to the body and breath, the more I found that I healed myself."

She Listens to Her Body 

"Listening to your body is the most important thing that one can learn," says Baldwin who provides a list of exercises on how to connect and to listen to your body in her book, The Living Clearly Method

"Ninety percent of our problems come from not connecting with our bodies in terms of our relationships, careers, everything we do," the former ballroom dancer says. "If you can connect with your body, you can figure out how to control the habits you continue to do but don’t want to. It’s important to realize is that connecting and listening to your body takes time and practice."

She Keeps Her Workouts Simple 

For those who are obsessed with Baldwin's mini-workout videos on Instagram as much as we are, the yogi says she "doesn’t plan the yoga classes I teach because I want to be present with my community, and I do the same thing on my Instagram."

Which is why Baldwin says she keeps her workouts for the 'gram short and simple so they can be useful and applicable to everyone. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

"The idea is that for people who say 'I don’t have any time,' you can be doing something good for your body. No matter what, you have thirty seconds sometimes. Just thirty seconds where you could be doing abs or, thirty seconds of breathing."

She adds, "It’s like brushing your teeth – you need to move your body every single day. Everyone has a different schedule and you have to look at your own schedule and be really creative."

She Creates "Me Time" Even as a Busy Mom

Taking the time for yourself, says Baldwin, will allow you to be more present and patient, healthier for both you and your kids.

"On a typical summer day, I get up in the morning, I go for a run, grab a coffee, bring my kids to camp, then my youngest – Romeo – and I have three hours where it’s just the two of us, and when I pick up the kids from camp we do activities altogether."

Regardless of how busy the day gets, Baldwin says, "I know I got that time in the morning to work out and take time for myself, and I carry that with me all day. It’s important to find time where you can disappear and know it’s okay."

She Keeps Her Diet as Clean As Possible

Baldwin also understand that eating a healthy and nutritious diet goes hand-in-hand with wellness. 

"You can eat well and exercise moderately and will be extremely healthy, but if you eat unhealthy and workout a lot, you’ll still be unhealthy," she says, adding that "we have a dairy-free house and eat fish and eggs occasionally. I try not to feed my kids any processed or synthetic foods, but also am realistic in that if they’re out at a birthday party and want a slice of cake, that’s ok too."

Baldwin, who is a Spindrift Superfan, also credits the sparkling water for keeping her hydrated and satisfying a sweet tooth in the most healthy way possible.

"I’ve always loved Spindrift sparkling water because the ingredients are simple and real – sparkling water and squeezed fruit," she says. "In my household, we are very focused on quality of the food we are consuming, which is one of the reasons I love Spindrift so much. Knowing that there’s real fruit and real ingredients is more important than filling yourself up with synthetic stuff."

She Finds the Joy in Life

When asked what wellness means to her, Baldwin offers up some life-affirming advice that is both simple and yet so profound.

"The point of living is to be as present and feel as good as possible. We don’t feel joy every day and not every day comes easily, so we need to have the strength to know that good days are going to come. We must connect and listen to our bodies, be present in every situation and nourish our body with real foods and ingredients to feel as good as possible and have a happy life."

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