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How to Cleanse Your Aura Using These Expert Tips

Time to reenergize your spirit.
How to Cleanse Your Aura This Summer Using These Expert Tips

Have you felt a little sluggish lately? Do you find yourself attracting negative situations and people? Are your friends pulling away from you because you're a bit too "intense" lately?Then you might need your aura cleansed. 

So what does that mean exactly? In short, humans are made up of energy, and our "aura" is the energy field that surrounds your body and entire being. 

"Your aura is your own life energy and consciousness, and you personally generate a vibrational field that resonates with you and around you," Lumari, an intuitive life coach and energy master and healer, tells Organic Authority. 

"It’s filled with your emotions, thoughts, perceptions and your brilliance. Your aura is part of you, and it’s reflected around you. When you’re inspired and feeling great, it’s in your aura. When you’re sad or annoyed, it’s in your aura."

Your aura interacts with everything around you as a way of perceiving your environment, says Lumari. For example, when you have an instant impression of someone, usually you’re picking up on their aura and personal vibration

"The great aspect of this is that you can pick up on signals and energies that you want to embrace or avoid, before your mind even processes it. People do this with you, too. They may ask you how you’re feeling because they picked up a bit of sadness from your aura."

When your aura needs clearing, says Lumari, it’s because it’s clouded. How do you know it's clouded? A clear sign is when you're feeling down or annoyed. Stress, worry, and negative thoughts and judgments you're experiencing or picked up from other people, are also reasons to cleanse your aura. 

Feeling cloudy? Here are the best tips to cleanse yourself of "spiritual debris" to feel lighter and clear right now. 

Use Lavender Oil

One very simple way to clear your aura, says Lumari, is with the essential oil of lavender.

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"Take a slow deep breath, smell the lavender and direct the essence through you. You can think of the fragrance and energies of that beautiful scent, clearing your mind and your aura. Lavender has the properties of clearing and uplifting. Take a breath and enjoy a new opening!"

Use Visualization

Heidi Light, a reiki master and author of Ethics in Energy Medicine, recommends visualizing sealing up any holes, rips, or dark spots that you might "see" in your aura with golden light. 

"You can imagine 'scanning' or 'seeing' your aura to check on its state at anytime," Light says. "Imagining it is just as accurate as being able to physically see it." 

Another tip? Make sure your aura isn’t too spread out or large, says Light, especially if you’re empathic or energetically sensitive, as this can make you even more sensitive or exhausted. "Visualize or set an intention to rein it in to a moderate size around you," which will help with cleansing. 

Use a Salt Water Spray

Another simple way to clear your aura is with a salt water spray, says Lumari. 

"Take a cup of warm water and add a teaspoon of sea salt, then mix. Put it in a small, clean spray bottle. Take a nice deep breath, close your eyes and spray lightly around your body. Salt has very powerful cleaning properties and will clear your aura and lift your spirits!"

Set an Intention

Light suggests setting an intention that the only energies allowed in your aura are for your health, healing,  and highest good. If you're experiencing any toxicity from another person, including holding onto an expired friendship or relationship, Light recommends combining visualization with intention.

"I recommend an exercise in my book where you imagine 'calling back' to your heart center any pieces of you (and only you) that you might have left in another time, another place, or with another person" she says. "At the same time, you imagine returning any pieces of someone else that you might have been keeping. If there is anyone hanging around in your aura that is not for your highest good, make a statement of intention to send them back to their original source."

The Takeaway

The best news is that your aura is an access point to raise your vibration and shift your energies to greater clarity, joy and inspiration," says Lumari. So whenever you want to uplift your energy, all you need to do is clear your aura. Soon you'll be shining on like the beautiful light you are. 

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