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How to Let Your Spirit Guide You In Life Decisions

And how to know the difference.
How to Let Your Spirit Guide You In Life Decisions

We all want to make the "best" decisions in life. Whether it's to date that person, go after that job promotion, or create that passion project. But how do we know the difference between letting our spirit, our inner knowingness, guide us over our limited (and mostly negative) ego? And why is that so important to know anyway?

"Living in truth and integrity will always lead to spirit based decisions," Jona Genova, founder of Samadhi for Peace & Reiki Collective, tells Organic Authority. "Ego decisions will leave us feeling empty because they rely upon outer affirmation. Spiritual decisions rest on something deeper, truer."

So if you find yourself at a crossroads and wondering which direction to go in, here are some tips on how to let your inner spirit guide you towards your most authentic path.

Your Spirit Versus Your Ego

First, it's important to know the difference between the two. Your ego is like your inner critic who wants to keep you living in a fear-based reality. Your ego hates to be embarrassed or shamed and most especially hates to be wrong. So there's no wonder why it's your ego that prevents you from breaking out of outdated patterns and comfortable routines that keep you stagnant, playing small, and have you thinking that you're not "enough." 

Your ego is the voice that tells you, "Who do you think you are?" and likes to go through all the worst-case scenarios before making a decision, which leaves you second-guessing your natural instincts and inherent capabilities. If you're typically anxious and fearful, you're living life from the POV of your ego. While the ego does a good job of keeping you safe -- which has its time and place -- it also keeps you from playing out a larger, more expansive way of living. 

Not surprisingly your ego vibrates at a lower frequency than your spirit. Whereas your ego can be judgmental, controlling, and critical, your inner spirit is open, abundant, and filled with love and possibilities. Your spirit is meant to guide you to the decision that will reflect the highest good for ourselves and others, always. Our spirit helps us to learn through love and evolution. When you're connected with your inner spirit, your frequency is at a higher vibration and you're able to tune in with the love and internal guidance system that exists within. 

How to Tap into Your Spirit 

So how do you tap into your listening to your spirit, and how do you know it's not your ego doing the talking?

"I find that there is a nervousness when ego is talking," says Genova. "Spirit feels unshakable, certain, light."

Before deciding on taking that job across the country, for example, your ego might say, "No way are we going to leave our friends and reliable income for something that might not work out. Do you really think it's worth it?"

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While your spirit might urge you to check in with yourself and ask: "Isn't this new position connected to my dream career? And doesn't the idea of moving somewhere new feel exciting? I know there's no guarantee it'll work out, but it feels really good anyway."

To ensure you're raising your vibration frequently, it's important to ensure your life reflects your authentic spirit. Are you creating the time to connect with your spirit daily? Are you making time for play? Are you spending quality time in nature and away from screens? Are you learning how to love yourself and others unconditionally?

When we're able to stay in this high vibration on a more consistent basis, it's here when we're able to make more spirit-based decisions easily. 

Genova says it all comes down to realizing that all we have is our word. Our truth.

"We learn to keep our word and as we do this, we are taking the baby steps to spiritual authenticity," she says. 

When we learn how to feel and recognize what's true for us and the highest good, and commit to following through with inspired actions and decision-making, we are learning how to live our lives authentically. 

Getting to know which voice is loudest in your head -- your ego versus your spirit -- will help you manage your life in the most expansive way possible, and will allow you the opportunity to determine how much power and credibility you want to give to it. It's a question of where you want to go in life. Do you want to move in a position that's rooted in control and fear-based  (a.k.a. ego-driven) or do you want to make decisions derived from your spirit, your source of love, trust, and authenticity?

Because, as Genova says, "Living in authenticity is priceless. It brings a happiness that is unshakable." 

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