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10 Mood-Boosting & Organic Chocolate Candy Bars

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Savoring a delicious morsel of chocolatey goodness can bestow the bod with a rush of endorphins capable of reviving a less-than-perky attention span – plus let’s not forget that modern science has officially praised the cacao bean’s nutritional profile, meaning that we all deserve to throw caution to the wind and finally get down with it! (Okay, maybe a steady diet of chocolate isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered, but nibbling on a little here and there certainly has its benefits.)

But any old run-of-the-mill chocolate munchy won’t do. Those who really care about what they fuel their bodies with will probably agree that the organic battle cry should also extend to the treats that we occasionally indulge in. So... if you’re going to have a little fun, seeking out any (or all) of the treats on this list will boost your spirit while also going easier on the environment, since in all cases, the beans are sustainably raised. Let's hear it for eco-chocolate bars – long may they melt ever-so-satisfyingly on our tongues... and forget about the 'lifetime on the hips' business. Just eat, savor, enjoy...

Crispy Cat Organic Chocolate Sundae Candy Bar

Available in three 100% USDA certified organic varieties including toasted almond, mint coconut and chocolate sundae, these gluten and dairy free delights trick the tastebuds into thinking that they’re surrounded by naughty decadence when brown rice syrup and agave are actually working their sweetening magic.


These dense, toothsome bars – available in original, raspberry and almond varieties – have the consistency of a truffle but none of the dietary guilt since the texture is achieved via an angelic, nutrient-rich fig base drenched in dark chocolate. This harmonious flavor combination enables your sinning heart to achieve sainthood with none of the sacrifice.

Newman’s Own Chocolate Cups

For close to 20 years, Paul and his pioneering organic-lovin’ cohorts have created a carefully crafted range of natural foods which are now inarguably complemented by the five Rainforest Alliance Certified dark and milk chocolate cups that they offer, including caramel, peppermint cream and peanut butter. Lacking the cloying sweetness of conventionally manufactured varieties, these gems offer pure flavor and tastebud satisfaction with no chemical junk.

Seth Ellis Chocolatier’s Sun Cups

Looking for a sweet treat that has absolutely no peanutty vibe? This Boulder, Colorado-based micro chocolate artisan blankets the popular sunflower seed spread known as Sunbutter in their organic milk and/or organic dark chocolate, offering two protein packed cups per package. The result – a treat that's far more angel halo than devil horns.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Go Max Go Foods

If you’re not entirely convinced that going vegan can pave the way for countless pleasantly surprising culinary experiences, than sink your teeth into one or all of Go Max Go Foods’ positively delish candy bars, including their Buccaneer, Mahalo, Twilight or Jokerz. Really and truly, you won’t miss the dairy one single bit. Instead, you’ll enjoy all sorts of satisfying textures, flavors and plain old yumminess thanks to a surprisingly wholesome array of ingredients that you’ve actually heard of before. Imagine that!

Sjaak's Organic Chocolates

So many aspects of this company, Eli’s Earth Bars, are sooooo good: The flavor (most definitely) but also their shockingly vegan, fair trade and organic pedigree. The result of all their tender loving care is a collection of three super-tasty bars (the vegan ‘treasure bar’ with peanut butter, caramel and chocolate, the vegan ‘dream big bar’ with peanut butter, caramel, whole peanuts and chocolate, and the ‘celebrate bar’ with coconut-caramel, whole almonds and chocolate) that are well worth plowing into with reckless abandon.

Enjoy Life Foods

Ideal for those with various food allergies who still crave a treat, this company’s boom Choco Boom bars – in crispy rice, rice milk and dark chocolate varieties – are not only free of peanuts and tree nuts… they’re also free of animal-based products, soy and gluten! Not too shabby for something that is genuinely healthy for you.


Oh Q.Bel, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… you’re crispy, you’re creamy, you’re melt-in-my-mouth good. Need I say more? Well, I’ll just add that their peanut butter wafers dipped in dark chocolate are so scrumptious and flavorful that they really should NOT be missed!

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

Boulder, Colorado has yet one more reason to be thankful – Justin’s Nut Butter is in the house! This nut alchemist (just try their Maple Almond, Honey Almond, Honey Peanut or Chocolate Hazelnut Butters for all the proof you need that they deserve that lofty title) has wisely poured their organic peanut butter into organic, fair trade milk/dark chocolate cups for a simple yet satisfying pick-me-up that grows on you with each new two-pack that you rip open.

Angell Organic Candy Bars

With fair trade, organic ingredients and packaging emblazoned with retro-graphics, these slim bars instantly send you back to a simpler day and age when there was no funny business in our food. Instead, you’ll get four crowd-pleasing candy bar varieties naturally sweetened with organic honey and cassava (a starchy tuber) and flavored with real vanilla, coconut, peanuts, almonds and chocolate. The result is pure heaven.

Image: Mykl Roventine

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