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From Our Friends: December 2, 2011


December is here, and that likely means you are eating 10x as much as you usually do. While we think most of our readers probably have a good grasp on their diets, it's so easy (understandably!) to slip up this time of year. With that said, this week's From Our Friends is dedicated to helping you get an early look at how you can beat the odds by eating what you like without losing your healthy glow. Between fitness articles to getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet, we think you'll be set. Happy Holidays!

1. We all have that special chef in our lives. This holiday season, MightyNest guides you on how to gift shop for them with the 5 best natural materials to use in the kitchen!

2. Want to lose stomach flab and 15 pounds by Christmas? Blisstree's Miss Fit has some great tips.

From the Organic Authority Files

3. When life gives you lemons, use them to clean your house! Try that, and 20 other unusual uses for lemon juice from EcoSalon.

4. Some of Experience Life's favorite fitness experts return to share another batch of the most effective, little-known exercises for your upper body, lower body and core. Take a look at more of the best exercises you probably aren't doing.

5. Americans' diets are getting worse. But make a few changes, and you can fill up on fruits and vegetables every day without even trying. Rodale can help.

image: Train Body and Mind

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