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When it comes to non-toxic cookware, GreenPan has long been one of our all-time faves (it's featured in one of our most read guides on the site, The Best Non-Toxic Cookware Brands, Tested). The non-toxic nonstick line is an industry leader in sustainable nonstick and has been ever since it pioneered its proprietary Thermolon coating. Unlike other nonstick pans made with PTFEs, Thermolon is derived from sand, making these pans totally safe to produce and use. (Plus, they're gorgeous!)

But with so many different lines to choose from, it can be tough to zero in on just which is the right one for you. Luckily, we've done the dirty work for you, testing the various lines until we discovered our favorites. Here are our top GreenPan set picks, tested by Laura Klein, our EIC and a trained chef. No matter what you're looking for in sustainable nonstick, you're sure to find the perfect match.

Cornbread in a GreenPan Fry Pan, fresh out of the oven.
Colorful set of GreenPan nonstick non-toxic ceramic pans hanging on the wall in a kitchen.
GreenPan SearSmart  10 piece set
Pink ceramic nonstick pans on counter.
GreenPan Venice Pro set
GreenPan Valencia Pro with carrots

Whichever non-toxic cookware option you choose will be a much safer and healthier option than any conventional non-stick pan. To learn more about why conventional non-stick is bad for your health, read our breakdown, The Reason PTFE Nonstick Pans Aren’t Safe: It Has Something to Do With Loose Regulations and Our Drinking Water.

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