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This Is How Rachel Brosnahan Stays Balanced and Energized

She makes sure to rest.

Actress Rachel Brosnahan has had a pretty marvelous year. She recently picked up her second Golden Globe in January after winning the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy for her starring role in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" last year. After having supporting parts in TV shows like "House of Cards" and "The Blacklist," the actress is now taking meetings with such Hollywood power players like Steven Spielberg. 

In order to stay focused, energized, and balanced with her busy lifestyle, Brosnahan adheres to a healthy routine that she recently shared with Shape magazine. Here's what we learned. 

She Mixes Up Her Workouts

While the actress says "exercise keeps me focused and clearheaded," due to her busy schedule, she doesn't have a gym membership. Instead, she mixes up her workouts and takes a variety of fitness classes, like yoga, Pilates, and Spinning, when she can. On other days, she'll hit the stairs or walk her dog. 

Fitness classes not only help you to learn different modalities and proper form, but they are also a great source of motivation for getting out of bed and getting in a workout. As Brosnahan put it, "It's harder to skip a class you've signed up for." 

By mixing up her exercise routine, the "Patriots Day" star is also avoiding the dreaded plateau phase, which is common for those who stick to the same workouts over and over again. Changing it up also helps to build new muscles, prevents overuse injuries, and beats boredom. 

She Fuels Her Body With Nutritious Foods

When it comes to her diet, Brosnahan sticks to healthy and whole foods. "I start a typical day with a green smoothie in my NutriBullet, or I eat a piece of gluten-free toast with a poached egg and some avocado," she told the magazine. "For lunch, I have a salad or a sandwich with some kind of protein—like salmon, chicken, or quinoa—and lots of vegetables, and I really like roasted root vegetables with fish for dinner."

Green smoothies are usually packed with nutritional goodness, boosting your fruit and veggie intake and loading your body up with essential minerals and nutrients to tackle the day ahead. 

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Avocado toast with a poached egg is another great option for breakfast. Avocados are a healthy fat, and low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. Add a protein-packed egg and a slice of toast, and it's the kind of breakfast that keeps you fuller, longer. 

She Makes Sure to Rest

Brosnahan understands the importance of listening to her body, which means if she doesn't feel like making a sweat session? She doesn't and opts for a night of watching "Survivor" instead. 

"Sometimes I find that the best thing for my body is to just take that extra hour of sleep and not work out. I'm good at making time for self-care when I get overwhelmed. I read a book or take a bath or snuggle with my doggies and watch Survivor...Or I have coffee with friends."

Taking a rest day is just as optimal for your health as it is for your fitness level. The more you workout, the more stress you're putting on the body. If you don't allow your body to rest and recharge, including repairing muscles and energy reserves, you're doing more harm than good. 

The Takeaway

By mixing up her workouts, fueling her body with the most nutritious foods, and allowing herself to rest when needed, Brosnahan puts her health first in simple, practical, and easy ways.

Sounds 'marvelous' to us! 

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