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The 7 Biggest Fitness & Wellness Trends of 2019

Hang onto your FitBit.
The 7 Biggest Wellness and Fitness Trends of 2019

The new year is often the perfect time to set those new healthy resolutions. If you're looking for some inspiration, whether it's changing up your workout routine or wondering which new self-care hack you'll want to try on #SelfCareSunday, then you'll want to check out our roundup of the biggest fitness and wellness trends of 2019. 

Move over "new age" trends like CBD oil and cryotherapy -- the classics like sleep and yoga are coming back. 

1. Wearable Technology 

Looks like your FitBit isn't going anywhere. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), which annually surveys fitness industry experts for their trend predictions, wearable technology, like fitness and activity trackers, is the number one trend for 2019. Because it tracks almost everything related to fitness and health -- from how many miles you walk or run to how many calories you eat to even how well you are sleeping at night -- fitness trackers are inclusive tool that anyone of any fitness level can use.

2. Sleep Optimization 

It's true: we're a society obsessed with sleep. According to the Pinterest 100, a roundup of the top trends the platform’s more than 250 million active monthly users are looking into trying in the upcoming year, sleep optimization increased by 116 percent, which means we'll be looking at all sorts of ways to log some solid ZZZs. One popular method listed? A sleep log. 

3. More Crystals

Don't worry, crystal junkies, those shiny rocks aren't going anywhere. Google searches for “crystal healing” in the last four years have shot up by 40 per cent, and it doesn't look like the trend is disappearing. In fact, most publications, including Harper's Bazaar, predict we'll be seeing an increase in crystal healing, including crystal facials and treatments. 

4. Yoga

Yes, yoga. While yoga had a moment back in the early aughts and was the de rigeur of all celeb workouts, it kind of slid away for a number of years, being replaced by other trendy workouts like Pilates, spinning, and barre. But, according to ACSM's roundup, it's due for a comeback, landing at the seventh biggest fitness trend in 2019. If you haven't yet experienced yoga's awesome benefits (flexibility, strength, bone health), then what are you waiting for?

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5. Going Sober 

The Pinterest 100 reports that searches for “sober living” jumped by a giant 746 percent, which will only continue into the new year. That's not entirely surprising considering that millennials are less likely to drink than their elders, according to a 2017 study by Nielsen Consumer & Media View. And with more celebrities than ever proudly declaring their sobriety, it seems the rest of us are also following suit. 

6. Marijuana-based products

You're in luck: your newfound obsession with CBD oil will be just as trendy in 2019 as it was in 2018. With marijuana laws relaxing in states across the USA, the UK legalizing medical marijuana, and Canada legalizing recreational marijuana, more and more people are turning to marijuana-based products. In fact, Ronan Levy, a Canadian cannabis pioneer and Chief Corporate Officer & General Counsel of Canadian Cannabis Clinics and Chief Strategic Officer of Trait Biosciences, told the Green Market Report that he predicts CBD will be the new Frank’s Hot Sauce, where people will be keen to “put that s*it on everything."

7. Group Fitness Training 

If you prefer the company of others to help get you motivated to hit your fitness goals, then good news: ACSM reports that group fitness training, in which instructors teach, lead, and motivate individuals through larger fitness classes, like spinning, step aerobics, or zumba, is the second biggest fitness trend in 2019. Fitness classes are perfect for gym newbies or anyone who's looking for a little variety to spice up their exercise routine. 

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