11 Gifts For the Kickass Home Chef Who Has Everything

Any one of these eleven thoughtful gift ideas are practically guaranteed to up the color, heat, and flavor in your loved one’s kitchen—and hopefully, your belly.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You don’t get to shower your loved ones with tokens of your appreciation every day—it’s time to track down the perfect gifts for your favorite people, including all the chefs in your life.

Gifting to a kitchen connoisseur can be difficult—do they already own this? Will they like it? And most importantly… will they use it? It’s easy to get lost in aisles of sparkly kitchen gadgets and limited edition culinary tools. That’s why we went ahead and did the hard work for you. This list of extra special kitchen essentials and favorites will bring a smile to anyone’s face and add joy to any meal. The following list comes from the OA team’s own kitchens—each of these tried and true essentials will up the color, heat, and flavor in your loved one’s cooking.

1. GreenPan’s Premiere Ceramic Nonstick 4-Square Waffle Maker 
Everyone needs a waffle maker for a delicious Sunday brunch! Light fluffy waffles topped with fresh berries and coconut whip cream… That’s a true breakfast treat (and so easy to make gluten-free!). The OA team has been big fans of GreenPan for years now, and we were thrilled with their ceramic nonstick waffle maker that is free of toxic PFAS and PFOA that other waffle makers use. We also love that the maker comes with two different sizes of dishwasher-safe “plates” for making Belgian or classic waffles. It’s easy to customize the waffle’s done-ness with the user-friendly wheel—so whether your loved one prefers golden or toasted waffles, they’ll be able to make their perfect waffle (or even better, you could make it for them). 

Manni Extra Virgin Olive Oil in black bottles with Love, Soul and Life caps.

2. Manni Oil, The Oil of Life: Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This single-varietal olive oil is grown in the nutrient-dense volcanic soils of Mount Amiata. Loved by Michelin star chefs and your best friend too—meet sipping-quality olive oil. Fans enjoy a teaspoon daily to support an overall feeling of delicious health, as this Tuscan EVOO is certified through the University of Florence as higher in antioxidants than regular olive oils. It’s also delightful for dipping with a scrap of warm sourdough. The beautiful black bottle is patented UV-resistant, keeping this blessed EVOO safe from degrading due to sun exposure. This is a company worth supporting—Manni Oil is committed to sustainable practices, is 100% organic, Kosher and Halal, and has won five international gold medal awards in olive oil competitions.

little apple treats balsamic vinegar

3. Little Apple Treats Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar

In a world of many balsamics, meet one that’s truly unique compared to the rest. Crafted on a small-scale farm in Sonoma, California, this Good Food winner pairs well with everything from roasted beets to fresh strawberries. An intricate multi-stage process produces a balsamic packed with some serious apple zing. Fresh picked apples are juiced, reduced, then slow-fermented for 4 years—first in red wine barrels, then white wine barrels, and finally, whiskey barrels. Little Apple Treats Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar makes a great finishing touch on salads, veggies, or for dipping your baguette (a must-pair with Manni Oil, above). Handcrafted in small batches, this balsamic is antioxidant-rich, flavorful, and an all-around pantry staple. The modern bottle and label design make this balsamic a stunning addition to any kitchen shelf.

Xtrema's signature skillet with dumplings and herbs
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4. Xtrema’s Signature Skillet

Xtrema’s Signature Skillet is not just ceramic coated, but 100% pure ceramic. Containing zero metals, your loved one’s food will be safe from toxicants. Looks like a cast iron, but is 40% lighter and easier to handle. Xtrema’s skillet can operate in extreme temperatures (up to 2,500 degrees!) with no damage, letting you sear, sizzle and fry to your heart’s content. Ceramic heats up slowly, making it easier to cook on low heat with little to no sticking. The low maintenance design keeps it scratch free and easy to clean. Perfect for cooking up winter soups, stews and more. It’s versatile, too—microwave, oven, fire and dishwasher safe (can’t say the same for cast iron). A family operated business, Xtrema’s kitchen tools are crafted by specialty Chinese ceramic artists. Known for longevity, Xtrema products are made to become heirlooms.

Image of Caraway cookware minis duo with tomato on white counter with beige plain backsplash via Organic Authority
Credit: Image courtesy of Caraway Home

5. Caraway’s Mini Duos

Perfect for smaller living spaces or a compact kitchen, Caraway’s Mini Duos are great for cooking small portions or heating up sauces (think: gravy, cranberry sauce, maple syrup). The duo includes a smaller-sized sauce and fry pan. The mini fry measures 8 inches across, slightly more compact than the original 10.5 inches. The mini sauce pan follows suit, holding 1.75 quarts versus the original’s 3-quart capacity.

Quickly a house favorite, this duo is worth every penny. Caraway’s non-toxic, nonstick cookware line turns heads with bright, fun colors and sleek, elegant design. Safer than Teflon, Caraway’s ceramic nonstick coating is created with the environmentally friendly so-gel method. Great for delicate items like fish, eggs, or vegetables, Caraway cookware maintains great heat retention, and their products arrive in recycled cardboard with biodegradable packaging—a thoughtful detail we really appreciated when comparing to other brands.

6. Little Apple Treats – Ginger Hibiscus Shrub

Cocktail, mocktail, wellness shot, anyone? The Little Apple Treats Ginger Hibiscus Shrub is the perfect balance of tart, floral, fruity, and spicy. Hand picked apples on this Sonoma, CA, farm are first fermented into apple cider vinegar then combined with sugar, hibiscus blossoms and ginger for a fruity and warming syrup with a zing. The sharp ginger is softened by floral hibiscus, creating a well-rounded and unique flavor. Aged in oak barrels for two years, the quality can be tasted immediately.

Try mixing with lemonade or soda water, or drizzle onto a salad or marinade for some added zest. This product contains the live mother, which means it packs a probiotic punch—can you imagine a probiotic cocktail? Cheers to health! Little Apple Treats hit a home run with this crowd-pleaser.

7. Milk Bar x Made In’s Baking Dish

From the green hills of Loire Valley, France, this 200-year-old porcelain recipe is made to last. The hip and famous confectionary Milk Bar paired with designers at Made In to create a versatile and unique baking dish. Both nonstick and thermal-shock resistant, you don’t have to worry about dings or cracks when cooking or cleaning. The classic 8×8 inch square baking dish is perfect for brownies, blondies, and crumbles. Crisp golden edges and melty centers are an added bonus.

Sleek, elegant and emblazoned with the Milk Bar logo, you’ll impress guests with your foodie prowess when pulling this out of the oven. Produced through traditional, centuries-old methods, this bake dish combines old and new for a timeless design. Pre orders of this exclusive, limited run collaboration are flying off the shelves fast—order now to surprise a special someone.


Everyone needs a good knife to call their own. You’ll never feel dull (sorry, we couldn’t help the pun) slicing with the handcrafted Miyabi’s Fine Edge Santoku Knife from world-forging capital Seki, Japan.

There is enough technical mastery here to impress even the hardest skeptics: Made of SG2 micro-carbide powder steel layered with Tsuchime finish, the hand-honed and hand-hammered blade has a true katana edge. The Miyabi line is crafted by artisans, for artisans. Great for cutting meat, vegetables and fruits, the scalpel sharpness comes in handy when preparing any meal, and the traditional samurai blade helps prevent sticking.

The handle, sharpness and precision are carefully created through a 42-day assembly process with 100 steps. Aesthetic highlights include a mosaic pin, Cocobolo Rosewood pakkawood handle, and gold embellishments. A true work of art.

Image of caraway tea kettles in every color displayed on stone pedestals with light blue textured background review six tea kettles  via organic authority
Credit: Image courtesy of Caraway Home.

9. Caraway’s Whistling Tea Kettle

It’s tea season, folks. Caraway’s kettle is better than a classic oven kettle—it’s cute and non-toxic, just like you. Made from Caraway’s signature lightweight, ceramic-coated stainless steel, the non-toxic Whistling Tea Kettle is great for quick boiling. The seven bright colors (we’re drooling over marigold) add a fun sparkle to any kitchen or stovetop, and the sweet whistle isn’t blaring or annoying.

Their two-quart kettle can be used on any stovetop: induction, gas or electric, and its high quality construction will keep it looking shiny and new for many years. Made from kitchen-safe materials that do not lead to toxic run-off, boiled water stays clean and free of harmful chemicals. And if you place your gift order soon, a complimentary potholder is included with your order! We won’t tell if you decide to keep the potholder for yourself, like a generosity bonus… you deserve it.

10. Made In’s Mise en Place Set

Looking to simplify and streamline the prep setup? We have just the answer. Made In’s Mise en Place Set features four gorgeous nesting bowls made from high alumina vitrified china. Crafted in pottery-famous Stoke-on-Trent, England, using traditional clay and pottery techniques, this set is chip-resistant for long lasting kitchen support. Fully glazed backs added for harmless stacking, use these babies for prep, serving, or both. Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe up to 580 degrees Fahrenheit. Each bowl is fired with care and crafted to last for generations. And if that doesn’t seal the deal, there’s a 1-year no-chip guarantee included. Corn chips don’t count.

11. Xtrema’s Food Storit Bag Set

 Want to replace Ziplock bags for good? Look no further! These 100% platinum silicone storage bags keep food fresh, and most importantly, they’re free from harmful chemicals. Conveniently available in 4 sizes, Xtrema’s Food Storit Bag Set offers reusable, flexible, secure seals that keep food and beverage leaks at bay.

Your family and the environment will thank you for using these eco-friendly bags for your holiday dinner leftovers, trail mix, and even toiletries. Bag size options include 20 oz, 32 oz, 48 oz, and 80 oz. We love their stand-up feature that makes it really easy to pour contents inside without spilling or dripping everywhere. It’s sooo worth it to never buy plastic food storage bags again.

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