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10 Most Ridiculous Cheesecake Factory Menu Items

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Is your cake not rich enough? Add CHEESE.

Cheesecake is one of the richest, most fatty desserts in the world. You wouldn’t expect a restaurant chain that named itself after cheesecake to be high on the healthy list, but some of the menu items at the national chain The Cheesecake Factory are downright ridiculous. Americans flock to this mainstream eating place to indulge, and with the following food choices on their menu, The Cheesecake Factory isn’t pulling any punches.

Remember, the recommended daily intake for a normal person is 2,000 calories, 20 grams of saturated fat and 2300 milligrams of sodium. Many of these Cheesecake Factory menu items beat that amount in a single dinner dish:

  1. Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes – This appetizer sounds harmless enough, but the three small tamale cakes covered with sour cream and avocado also serve up a whopping 1,500 calories, 1,380 mg of sodium and 50 grams of saturated fat. That’s 500 calories for each tamale cake – and you haven’t even ordered your meal yet!
  1. Fried Macaroni and Cheese – The Cheesecake Factory’s Macaroni and Cheese is already a belt-buster at 1,310 calories for a SIDE DISH. Fry it up as an appetizer and you’re eating 1,530 calories, 1,760 mg of sodium and 63 grams of saturated fat! Dip it in ranch dressing for added belly bulge.
  1. “Weight Management” Asian Chicken Salad – Nevermind the fact that the title of this dish is embarrassing to speak aloud much less to order, this salad – while low in calories and saturated fat – still contains an enormous 2,600 milligrams of sodium, 600 more than the recommended daily intake. You may be managing your weight, but your blood pressure will be through the roof.
  1. Caesar Salad with Chicken – Salad is healthy, right? Not with a pile of dressing, cheese and croutons on top. This dinner salad weighs in at 1,510 calories – almost three times as many calories as a Big Mac! Even the “small” lunch Caesar Salad with chicken packs 980 calories!
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From the Organic Authority Files

  1. Beer Battered Fish & Chips – Can you consume all your recommended daily calories in one dish? You can if it’s The Cheesecake Factory’s Beer Battered Fish and Chips, which will knock you out with a gigantic 2,260 calories as well as 68 grams of saturated fat and 2,870 milligrams of sodium. Wash it down with a glass or two of ale and get serious about growing that beer belly.
  1. Pasta Carbonara with Chicken – The calorie count on this creamy pasta dish will make you gasp (2,290), but the real kicker is the saturated fat – 81 grams. This is FOUR TIMES the recommended daily allowance for saturated fat in one dish – hope you like your arteries clogged.
  1. Beef RibsBeef has gotten a bad name in the health food world, and with this Cheesecake Factory dish, it’s easy to see why. Served with French fries AND fried onion strings, the Beef Rib dinner delivers scale-tipping numbers in every area: 2,310 calories, 74 grams of saturated fat and 1,610 milligrams of sodium.
  1. Spicy Cashew Chicken – This Mandarin-style dish is no slouch in the calorie department, holding a massive 1,810 calories, but the most shocking item is the level of sodium in this specialty dish: 4,450 milligrams, almost twice the suggested daily intake. 
  1. Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake – One little slice of cheesecake couldn’t hurt, could it? Piled with fudge and peanut butter, this popular dessert packs a hefty 1,330 calories per slice as well as 40 grams of saturated fat. Hope you didn't eat any actual dinner. 
  1. Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake – This monstrosity makes a slice of cheesecake look like a dieter’s food. Order this for dessert and you will eat another 1,680 calories and 49 grams of saturated fat. Might want to hold the “a la mode” and instead sign up for a gym membership.

So, it seems The Cheesecake Factory got wind of their overt ridiculousness and has just introduced a new "SkinnyLicious™" addition to their menu. They say of the 50 or so additions, "The SkinnyLicious™ menu offers calorie-conscious guests even more choices with signature rich taste." Well, we'll see about that... but we do welcome the addition of a veggie burger and a couple other vegetarian options. 


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