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Like Zumba? You'll Love These Fun, New Workouts

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Do you love zumba but crave variety? Some people like to do the same exercises every day, cherishing the easy routine. For others, a repetitive workout is a quick way to wind up on the couch instead of the gym.

From obstacle courses to aerial yoga and caponyasa to piloxing, there’s no longer any excuse to be bored at the gym. Make exercise interesting, keep your brain guessing and your body young with funky new workout styles that are just as fun and effective as zumba!

8 New Workouts That Are Perfect For Zumba Lovers

Caponyasa – Combining Vinyasa yoga (faster and flowing) with the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, this dance-yoga hybrid is done in a heated studio. Not for wimps, this cardio workout is will test your agility, balance and endurance.

Surfset – Want the physique of a surfer but don’t live by the beach? Surfset classes use traditional surfing moves on stationary boards to tone your body and strengthen your core. Held indoors, this class will also improve your balance and is a great introduction for those who want to ride the waves someday.

SUP Yoga – Stand-up paddleboarding has taken its place besides surfing as a premier ocean activity, but all that standing around can be a bit dull. Why not make things interesting with a few yoga poses while on board? Paddle out past the waves into calm water, and discover muscles you didn’t know existed as you practice yoga in the ocean.

Trampoline Yoga – Just as sitting on a balance ball is more difficult than sitting in a chair, doing yoga on a trampoline surface gives you a deeper workout. Practicing yoga on a mini trampoline allows for more intense stretching, which helps create a stronger core. Abs, anyone?

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Piloxing – Coupling boxing moves with Pilates poses, this high-energy workout burns up to 900 calories in an hour. Great for toning arm jiggle, piloxing will test your strength, speed and agility – and it makes you feel like a total badass.

Doonya – If serious workouts aren’t your thing, this combination of Bollywood dance, jazz and hip hop truly makes exercise fun. Calories drop away during this high-energy workout, which is set to lighthearted Indian music. Dance like no one is watching and see your body shape up.

Aerial Yoga – You’ve probably seen aerial performers at music festivals and other events.Testing your core and mobility, this workout uses silky, hammock-like material and will turn your world upside-down.

Obstacle Courses – Many women are surprised to find out that their smaller size makes them faster and more agile than men on obstacle courses, and scoring high on a rugged race is a confidence booster like no other. Today, mud courses are hugely popular and a great way to shake off the social pressures and get down and dirty. You’ll also find water obstacle courses, paint races and zombie jumps during Halloween season.

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