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Three Easy Watermelon Recipes [Video]

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We can't get enough of watermelon—especially when it's hot out (also perfect after a sweaty workout, regardless of outside temperature!). Watch the video to learn how to make three thirst-quenching watermelon recipes: the perfect Watermelon Margarita, a Watermelon Arugula Mint Feta Salad with a zingy bite, and a Homemade Watermelon Sorbet with just three healthy ingredients. 

Watermelon salad recipe with feta and arugula
Pink watermelon sorbet or ice cream scooped into bowl
two watermelon margaritas with a striped towel and lime

Since we can't get enough of watermelon right now, we're going to boldly assume you can't, either. Be sure to try our wildly popular watermelon agua fresca, or our chocolate-dipped watermelon pops (as the recipe directs: just make them already!).

For more ways to stay hydrated, check out these nine foods for keeping quenched in the summer heat—also great for after a workout, or as a follow-up to your sauna session.

Did you try any of these three watermelon recipes? Comment below to let us know which ones, and your honest review! 

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