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4 Ways to Get Off Your Butt This Winter


Winter blues? More like the winter blahs. When the skies turn icky gray and cold weather moves in, getting off your couch to head to the gym becomes a near impossible feat.

Before you start to convince yourself that you probably actually need the extra fat… to stay warm… try these four motivators to get yourself to exercise despite the chill. (Don’t worry, we think you’re beautiful as-is, but exercise is good for you!)

1. Make an Inspiration Board

Crafting a DIY inspiration board will keep you motivated when working out sounds about as appealing as cleaning the toilet.

To create your board, first think about what you want to achieve through exercise. Maybe you want to shed a few pounds? Or perhaps you just want to stay fit and healthy? Do you have a goal to try hot yoga or kickboxing? Whatever your objective, convincing yourself to head off into the cold requires a little inspiration.

From the Organic Authority Files

Use a bulletin board or create your own customized board by attaching fabric across the center of a picture frame minus the glass. Pin images of your goal and motivational quotes or phrases to your DIY board. Put your board in a place where you’ll look at it often, to remind yourself what you’re working to achieve.

2. Work Out at Home

Don’t want to go out into the chill to work out? So don’t. You can exercise right in your warm, cozy casa—even if it’s just walking up and down your stairs. Pop in a workout DVD or do some exercises that don’t require a lot of space, like sit ups, push-ups, squats and lunges. Or clear a space and try a few yoga poses. Even if you just spend half an hour stretching out all the kinks in your creaky winter body, that’s better than nothing.

3. Update Your Music

Pump up your exercise jams. Creating a new playlist with tunes you already own, or adding some fresh music to your line up can do wonders for your exercise motivation. Be sure to include stimulating music that makes you want to move and gets your blood pumping.

4. Try Something New

Mix up your usual exercise routine with something you haven’t tried before. Take a martial arts class or try yoga. You may end up loving your new fitness routine so much that you’ll be itching to go every day—through cold, rain or snow.

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