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4 Weeks, 4 Body Parts: Yoga Roundup


We'll be the first to acknowledge: There ain't nothing shallow about yoga... in its truest form that is. But, it is also completely undeniable: The physical practice of yoga sure does know how to completely transform the body, unbelievably so. Whatever your aim or interest, we've got a four-week series of yoga poses that are specifically grouped to engage specific body locales. Choose your spot, or choose all four.

Week 1: Yoga for a Powerful Core


When it comes to the core, in yoga, it's much more than the appearance of rock-solid abs. The core of our body is just that - our center, a place of strength and stability and centeredness, where our self empowerment resides on more than simply a physical level. All those yogis in seemingly impossible postures with only their hands on the ground - maybe even just one hand! - they have one thing in common: A powerful core that they are deeply connected to. Read on for a Yoga Core!

Week 2: Yoga for Balance

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What I've found is that the balance that I can maintain on my yoga mat is directly related to the balance I am experiencing in my life. With too little sleep, too much coffee, sugar and stress, I don't stand a chance. That said, it seems to work both ways. Bringing my awareness to finding balance in my body helps translate that sense into other areas of my life. Read on to Balance Like a Yogi!

Week 3: 'Yoga Butt' and More


"Yoga butt," coveted by many, worn by few. Yoga can be viewed in many lights, one of which is how the light reflects off your derriere. The physical practice of yoga can be used to target specific parts of your body, but yoga is truly holistic -- a full body-mind experience -- and should be viewed as such. That said, there need not be any shame in your game if you seek a yoga routine to give your backside a little lift. Read on for a Yoga Butt!

Week 4: Yoga for Strong, Sexy Arms


Take it from me: Where once was tone-less is now tone-full. And the ONLY exercise I engage in is on the mat. Those plank-to-chaturanga vinyasas add up to some pretty-darn sexy arms. But what's more; true empowerment. The physical strength of being supported by strong arms translates into a strength in being, truly. Read on for Yoga Arms!

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